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WDW-related story, from Hour of Power sermon at the Crystal Cathedral


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  • WDW-related story, from Hour of Power sermon at the Crystal Cathedral

    I have here a great story about a first-timers trip to WDW, which comes from a sermon by Dr. Robert Anthony Schuller (son of founding pastor Dr. Robert Harold Schuller) in the Hour of Power TV program. In case anyone is not familiar with the Hour of Power, it is broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral, a huge glass and steel structured church just 2 miles from Disneyland, and has a congregation of more than 10,000 members.

    In addition to this amazing first-timer story, there's a line which may sum up the ever-popular Disneyland vs. WDW debate! :cwink:

    It reminded me of a gentleman by the name of Frank Pastori. Frank Pastori was a pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. He told a story about taking his son to Disney World. Now I know the people in Florida think Disney World is the best but I know Disneyland is every bit as good as Disney World! It is just a condensed version; it doesn't take you as long to get from one ride to the next. So he took his son in through the main entrance and through the ticket gate and there they saw this incredible hill and on the hillside is a beautiful face of Mickey Mouse all in flowers. Above that they see the train coming in, and off to the side of the hill are the two tunnels that lead in to Disney World.

    His son was just in awe looking at the hillside and the train, and when his father said, "Let's go to Disney World," the son cried because he didn't want to leave and stop looking at the hillside and train. Frank had to take him through the tunnel kicking and crying until suddenly the son realized and discovered that he had only entered, it was just the beginning. The kingdom was absolutely magnificent. :csmile: :cgrin: :yea: :clap: :clap: :clap:

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    Re: WDW-related story, from Hour of Power sermon at the Crystal Cathedral

    Here are a couple of related weblinks:


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