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Would YOU spend $10.50 on THIS?


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  • Would YOU spend $10.50 on THIS?

    Being sold at Epcot now, I am assuming. What ever happened to expression?

    Disney didn't want to pay an artist or what?

    Product here:

    In Case the Product Confused you. . .
    • For the record, Figment doesn't smile when he is furious, angry, lonely, sad, or frustrated.
    • No, Figment cannot be seen in Disneyland.

    Anyway, anyone got ten dollars and fifty cents?

    I mean, even this took me two minutes:

    Your thoughts? On the cheap, a joke, or both?

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    Spare time...I see lots of spare time...
    "As usual he's taken over the coolest spot in the house"- Father re: Orville 1963

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      Originally posted by Cousin Orville
      Spare time...I see lots of spare time...
      Two minutes, sir, two minutes.

      (Free time... look to your avatar... :lol: )


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        Oh, lordy, they have sunk pretty low.

        Figgy must have gone to the David Duchovny School of Acting... :lol:
        "I don't need intelligent drugs because I don't know what they are. But I will put anything into my mouth that is given to me, whether it's supposed to go there or not. Because... I'm different."


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          Here's Figment's opinion on the subject:
          Sweet Zombie Jesus these are lame! Don't blame me for the low quality, go and blame the merchandising department and maybe, Disney management. In fact, blame Disney management for everything wrong in your life! It's what I've been doing for over six years now ever since Dreamfinder was taken away and over the years having lost friends to Eisner's and eventually Iger's tyrannical regime! If you excuse me, I feel I need to take out my abuse on my Eisner dartboard, but use lightsabers instead...


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            I thought it cost $10.40?

            Oh geez... I'm having deja vu over here!


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              Originally posted by Rainfully
              I thought it cost $10.40?

              Oh geez... I'm having deja vu over here!
              $.10 shipping to the west coast.
              ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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                That's outrageous! It's

                words fail me.

                Do they really think we'll buy Anything? (well, yeah, some of us will but that's another thread)

                War is over if you want it...

                Peace - Love - Mickey Mouse


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                  I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy ... but the same could be said of most of what WalMart ... I mean WaltMart sells. Complete crap everywhere. Gotta love what the merchandising geniuses have done to destroy that facet of the magic.


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                    It's an item soon to be found at the Downtown Disney shop that sells mystery merchandise in a bag for a dollar.


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