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Ride Discussion: Test Track.


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  • Ride Discussion: Test Track.

    I got an idea from those Everest threads. Lets pick an attraction a discuss it, why its good, why it sucks, what makes it good, what needs work, all that.

    Let's start it off with a (seemingly) much divided attraction. Test Track. The lines say people must love it...but there are those who count it as overratted or just so-so.

    Well? How do you find Test Track.

    (Oh if you have no ridden it in real life, please clerify that and tell us what you've seen/heard it on).

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    Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

    I for one love this ride. But i also think not everyone would appreciate it. I don't know much about cars, but i really like waiting through the queue and seeing all the different tests they do (especially ones that beat the crap out of the dummies) I know some people say the queue is too noisy...but it's a test facility. What do you expect? My brother is a gear-head (loves everything mechanical) and is always just totally stunned with this. But i can see where people who don't give a darn about cars would ride it and be like "what was the point of that?!" Yeah there's not much of a story, the story being you get to ride a car through a GM test facility and encounter surprises along the way, but at the same time it's still fun (to some) and educational (if you care about that kind of stuff.)

    I also love walking into the building in the first place and hearing the cars whiz by on the track above the entrance.

    I also never rode World of Motion, so i don't have the nostalgiac bias some will have. This is one of my favorite rides at WDW.

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      Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

      I've still never ridden this ride, it's been broken every time I've visited Epcot (CRY). Aside from soarin, last time I visited, this was the one thing I most wanted to do and it was down again.

      One of these days I'll eventually get to ride it. Until then I can't offer any criticism or praises except that it seems to be broken too often.


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        Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

        It was in downtime when I went.

        However, I would LOVE to try it. I mean, it goes really fast without drops and hills and sudden unexpected corners, yes? Well, that's a ride chicken's favorite kind of thrill ride! No need to worry about any sudden changes in movement, just hang on tight.


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          Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

          I do feel it's overrated, but I do love it. To start with, the queue music is that kind of music that I love to hate (like Small World). The ride is always fun to me. I love that it's both a thrill ride and a mild ride. My favorite part of the whole thing though is in the queue when the various tests scare the people who've never been on it before.
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            Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

            Overall I really like test track.... There is really no other attacation like it anywheres (well.. that I know of). From apporcing the attraction to when you leave the attraction it is very fun and entertainning.

            It is even better when you see all the little things work. Such as the smoke from the tires on the first incline when you are sitting there at the seatbealt check. Or the car crashing into the wall when you turn the corner.

            The only downside that people have brought up is that it breaks too often. It is very rare when you stand in line and they do not make an annocement that there is a technical difficulty with the ride...

            but other then that... all is good.
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              Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

              Test Track is like a cheap thrill. Not much to see in there, not enough substance to make a great ride, but lots of jerky motion and speed for the heck of it. One of Disney most over rated rides ever.


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                Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                For me, it heralded something new in the world of Epcot. The seriousness could be maintained while building a thrill ride. With that premise, the imagineers really did come up with a hybrid educational/action ride. And it worked for me.

                But, as previously mentioned, they seemed to have bitten off more then they could chew. It does break down alot.

                Still, I can't help thinking all of the pavilions need major overhauls like this, where the ride isn't merely refurbed, but dismantled and, like future, retooled for the Big Thing.

                Of course, this kinda thing does take cash to make it happen.

                A good ride.

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                  Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                  I love it, but wish they had come up with a ride system without such an excruciatingly low hourly capacity (thus the lines). Enclosing the outside loop in some sort of clear tube would have been nice, too--open air is nice, but an open ride in the rain is nicer, and a roof wouldn't necessarily be enough, since the rain doesn't always travel in a completely downward direction. Fun ride, though, and the Single Rider Line helps with the wait times--truth be told, I've never had a problem getting as many rides on Test Track as I would like in a given trip. I think the downtime is a bit overplayed (except the rain issue), and maybe I'm just lucky, but it's almost never down for more than a few minutes at a time when I visit.
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                    Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                    I thought the attraction was ok. Certainly not worth the wait that I experienced, and I do remember the annoying audio loop/clanking things.

                    Perhaps the queue could be more like a automobile manufacturing plant instead of various and sundry (I just like using that phrase whether it's cromulent or not) safety displays. A car built from the ground up.

                    Also, if it were sponsored by Toyota, maybe it wouldn't break down so much!


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                      Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                      I for one love Test Track. However, it is probably because it was a ride that for the majority of my CP time, I could hop right on. It has one of the best single rider lines @ WDW, I don't think I ever waited anymore than ten minutes.

                      The ride is fun, but it can get old. It's starting to show signs of extensive use. The premise is fun though, and the technology they use for the cars is amazing.

                      At Epcot, I don't think there is anything better than cruising out on the outdoor track at night with a calm summer breeze. It's fantastic.

                      If your car seems to be malfunctioning, let a CM know, not only for the folks to come's good time, but also your's as they will probably let you go on a second time without waiting or preshow.
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                        Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                        I really like the ride quite a bit but it's a little weird.

                        The whole beginning part is good the first time but every other time I go on the ride that day, I just look forward to the 2nd half.

                        The 2nd half is lots of fun but it's too quick.

                        It's the kind of ride where it is fun to go on a lot of times in a row, but I have never been able to because the lines are always huge.

                        My entire family enjoyed the ride and kept asking to go on it. From the 8 year olds to my Parents, everyone wanted to go on it over and over.



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                          Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                          I liked it. Never been on World of Motion. I can see why some people dislike it.

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                            Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                            I think test track is lame.


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                              Re: Ride Discussion: Test Track.

                              I love Test Track because of the trill of the speed at the end of the ride. But I have to say it could have been WAY better.

                              First, the "let's experience what it is like to be test dummies" was a STUPID theme. NO ONE fantasies about being a test dummy.

                              What the theme should have been is let's experience what it is like to be a NASCAR driver. That would have been must more fun and interesting. Part of the ride could have been about preparing the car for the race. Then the race itself at the end. That would have been fun.

                              Second, the world of motion should never been removed to be replaced by this ride. I grew up in California. I heard numerous times that WDW had so much space they could build anything. The dirty little secret is Disney replaces rides as much at WDW as they did at Disneyland. The space advantage is negated.
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