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Great Haunted Mansion site!


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  • Great Haunted Mansion site!

    You may have seen this site before, but I wanted to share it with you all! I found it while doing a search for the 3 hitch hiking ghosts for a painting.

    Haunted Dimensions

    This is a fansite with fantastic 3d illustrations of the Haunted Mansion at WDW. You can tell a lot of time and painstaken detail went into this digital model.

    There are some fun extras too (i.e. animated gifs, the face wallpaper from the attraction, desktop wallpapers, etc.). This is where I snagged the idea for my avatar as well.

    Soon there will be a downloadable paper model to build!

    Just thought you all would like this site,

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    Thanks for sharing! VERY cool!


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      What a great site! Thanks!

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        This is a great site I have visited this Thanks for sharing Love it!!
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          I spent some time there this afternoon. Very cool stuff. I wish I could do that!

          I also enjoyed the "3-D Paper" stuff and the computer rendering of the "Chilling Thrilling Sounds..." LP cover. That'll make a great Halloween desktop!
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            Ray over at Haunted Dimensions has his paper Haunted Mansion model ready for download if anyone here is interested!

            I have it downloaded and printed on the paper he suggests, now I just have to find some time to work on it! :o

            I highly recommend checking it out and if anyone decides to build it, please post your finished piece!


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              Nifty - just downloaded it and am now sending home so I can pritn on my good paper instead of the junk we have here at work. heh

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                That is such a cool site!!! Thanks for sharing it. Definitely, a lot of work went into it. Beautiful graphics!


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                  Another great site it, if you haven't already visited it. It is devoted to all the HMs.

                  On a side note, they same people that run this site also run THey have a great moving wallpaper of the fire scene.
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                    Don't forget also about
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