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CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

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  • CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

    Hi Guys,
    Don't often post in this area. I'm in CA and usually frequent DL but in May (8-12) i'm comin to DisneyWorld for a short vacation with friends.
    I was just curious what the weather is like right now and do you recommend anything that is really great that you can only do at Epcot and MK that you can't do at DL????
    Not gonna be going to MGM or AK. Just Epcot and MK.
    Any advice and tips would be great. Never been to FL either so this is all new to me

    Already have reservations for Cinderella's Royal Table.

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    Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

    Hi Cinderella Princess and welcome to the WDW corner of Micechat!

    I believe almost everything at Epcot is different from what you have at DL, with the exception Soarin' (Epcot), and Astro Blasters (MK) which you have at DCA, so I guess I would skip those. (There might be some other similar rides/attractions, but I can't think of any off the top of my head) I would also skip Innoventions.

    Far as must see attractions and rides at Epcot, I wouldn't miss Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, Test Track, Living Seas and Mission: Space. Also, make sure you visit some of the pavillions at World Showcase as well. They're all cool, so I don't know if I can recommend any certain ones.

    Epcot is unique among theme parks, so there'll be a lot for you to discover there!

    I'm not as familiar with the differences between MK and DL, except that the two Space Mountains are different from each other. Maybe someone who is more familiar with both MK and DL will chime in with some additional suggestions.

    Far as the weather goes, it's likely to be a bit hotter and more humid than SoCal. I don't believe it's too rainy there this time of year.

    Sounds like you have two days in each Park, correct? I would make it a point to spend some time looking at the architecture in both Parks. Especially Epcot! Some really amazing sights if you stop and look around from time to time. Which brings up another point: Take your time! Pace yourself. Those Parks are HUGE and there is a lot to see and do in both. Relax and have a good time!


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      Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

      No MGM???? Well you must go on Spaceship Earth and definetly do the peoplemover (aka tta). Plus Like already said go see Illuminations.
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        Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

        I visited for a longer stay with the same background (DL fan). I'll provide all the parks because I do think there's some reason to change your mind. One of the biggest disappointments in my own personal trip to WDW was spending too much time at the MK experiencing the East-Coast versions of the classic rides, which was not a good idea. I mean, at the end of the day Small World is Small World no matter where you ride it. But one of my favorite non-DL attractions (Philharmagic) was there too, so I don't know if I can in good concience say to skip it entirely.

        My suggestions:


        Mickey's Philharmagic
        Splash Mountain (better than DL's!)
        TTA (Peoplemover) if you miss it at DL
        Swiss Family Treehouse if you miss it at DL
        Pooh (better than DL's!)
        Country Bears (original show) if you miss it at DL (although I found the experience quite sobering and not as good as I remembered.)

        There's also Stitch's Great Escape but I'd only do that if you had excess time. Avoid Space Mountain and pretty much all the Fantasyland rides except Pooh, because they're worse than DL's. Pirates is only 50% of the DL ride and sorely disappointing also.


        Spaceship Earth
        Living With The Land
        The American Adventure
        World Showcase's general themery

        People's opinions are torn on Test Track and Mission Space, and I've never done either so I can't say.

        If you have excess time, Universe of Energy has an Ellen show/ride that is in total a 45 minute attraction. The highlight is an upgraded Primeval World diorama, but the show is rumored to be going and it's one of those last views of Old Epcot so you may want to check into it.

        The Imagination ride is dullsville but the line is short and the ride isn't that long.

        If you want some classical Disney cheese, check out the two boat "rides" at World Showcase. Maelstrom is technically the better ride but just suffers from very low-budget presentation, and El Rio De Tiempo has an opening that will cause any DL fan's heart to flutter (ride it, you'll see what I mean) followed by the one of the tackiest Disney attractions I've seen.

        Most of World Showcase's other "attractions," aside from America and the fireworks, are tourism movies. If you really want to see any of these, supposedly France is the best and Canada is the worst. If you aren't into shopping or fancy dining, World Showcase may hold little interest for you.


        ToT (*WAY* better than DCA's!)
        Rock N Roller Coaster (only if you ever thought Space Mountain needed a loop and inversions)
        Great Movie Ride
        One Man's Dream (must do for any DL/Walt fanatic)

        If you have spare time, do the Studio Tour or maybe see one of the shows. Mermaid and Playhouse Disney (if you have little ones) are probably better than the stunt shows, because Indy is old and LMA is bashed constantly.

        Animal Kingdom:

        Expedition Everest
        Festival of the Lion King
        Animal Exhibits (varies)

        How much you like the trumped-up zoo attractions really depends on how often you've seen exotic animals before. At least give the Safari a try since it feels like Jungle Cruise with real animals and less puns, and was the big marquee attraction when the park first opened. People seem to like Flights of Wonder (unless you have a bird phobia) but I haven't seen it. Kali River Rapids is similar to Grizzly Rapids with as many splashes and drops but different scenery.

        Have a good time!
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          Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

          I think it really depends on what you like to do. If you like fine dining there are lots of great restaurants in Epcot's World showcase. I have eaten in Canada, France, and Italy and enjoyed myself immensely. If you are looking for rides, World Showcase in pretty disappointing. It is about shopping, watching performances, good eating, architecture and ambiance. And like everyone has said, check out Illuminations.


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            Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

            Thank you guys sooo much for all your responses!
            I'm gonna print this page and take it with me as my Micechat Tour Guide! :thumbup:
            I can't wait for my trip!
            9 days to go and counting....
            :yea: :yea::yea::yea::yea::yea::yea::yea::yea:
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              Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

              This is my very critical overlook on what I liked and didn't. Be prepared to walk!! I still like DL better, but would go back at my first chance!WDW has better food no matter where you go, compared to disneyland
              I was there over spring break and as you are I am a Disnaylander.
              @ the MK you should donot rated on order)
              1. Splash Mountain(way better than ours)
              2. Philarmagic
              3. haunted mansion (not as good, but still fun and interesting)
              4. country bears (optional, I thought it was being "forgotten" and not as good as our original.)
              5. Carousel of progress (not worth it, even for the memories, it was way too neglected! very saddening)
              6. jungle cruise(more interesting than ours)
              7. big thunder mountain (whoa! that was fun, it was a real runaway minetrain!)
              8. space mountain (was okay, better the 2nd time around, feels outdated)

              @ Epcot
              1. test track (overrated but still a lot of fun!)
              2. mission space
              the best pavillions were france and morocco


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                Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

                Cailf man
                Yes I have been to WDW, DVC member.

                Now MK

                Liberty Square
                You may want to see the Hall of Presidents
                Haunted mansione Small to DL not ride

                mickey's Philhar Magic
                The many Adentures of Winnie pooh
                skip the rest attraction.

                mickey's toontown fair
                the barnstormer At gooty Wisecre Farm
                Skip the Rest attraction

                Space Mountain small Cars
                TTA people mover
                if miss Carousel of progress
                Have old map I miss one.
                skip the rest attraction.

                Do not ride the Railroad

                If you miss the old stuff and tiki room may good for you see
                Magic Carpets of Aladdin is the same as Dumdo
                Splash mountain, big thunder Mountain Railroad
                if you Miss see country Bear jamboree
                I like ride them and see them

                That all land at MK

                most is to see or do attraction
                tips Do do Spaceship Earth first!
                Get universe of Energy first it a long ride (30-45min)
                World Showcase open 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
                I have see Soarin Over Calif, Same
                you may like some of innovention walk and look at it IBM Have computer you can send email to friends.

                most of the time to see all epcot is in two days
                must see illumi nations in the World Showcase Lagoon any where is a good spot to see it But some time of the winds you do not want to be in Mexico or France smoke city. I like bench in japan
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                  Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

                  Originally posted by akfandisney
                  Miss see country Bear jamboree
                  I like ride them and see them
                  That all land at WDW
                  May want to slow down your typing there, friend. It's very hard to read your posts. It almost looks like you're talking in Haiku.


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                    Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

                    Walt Disney World itself is a lot different than WDW so i think that everything have to be seen also Carousel Of Progress no longer at Disneyland .

                    Things that i love at WDW are : Spectro Magic , Wishes , Splash Mountain , Carousel of Progress , TTA , Spaceship Earth , TestTrack , American Adventure , Soarin , Tower of Terror , Fantasmic , Great Movie Ride , Lights Motors Actions , Dinausor .

                    I need to back at WDW to experience Expedition Everest and add this ride to my favourite things to do at WDW .
                    HKDL : Done !!!


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                      Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

                      One hint for Spaceship Earth: The lines are fairly long in the morning because most people want to do SSE first. What we did last time was to head over to some of the other attractions and then head back to SSE later in the day. I know it's the reverse order of what most people want to do, but it'll save you waiting in a (potentially) long line in the morning.


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                        Re: CA girl comin to DisneyWorld!!

                        I totally agree with Pacha. If you are there at opening, I would head straight to Mission Space and Test Track if you are planning to ride them. SpaceShipEarth can wait until later, but you should definitely go there.