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Disney Hauntings


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  • Disney Hauntings

    Disney ghosts.. no not the ones of our beloved Mansion, but actual ghosts haunting about Disney propery.

    It's a subject that had mildly fascinated me, but upon becoming a CM and hearing ghost stories and sightings, it had only made me more and more fascinated.

    And with my fascination comes curiosity... what are some stories you have heard, or possibly experienced for yourselves?

    I know well of George, my best friend during my CP worked pirates. I learned a lot about him, and with a group of friends.. actually experienced George getting upset... haha.. yeah.. stupid CPs that we were.. I had experienced a few unnatural chills several times on the ride when I went with my bf at the time. It creeped him out so much, that he basically tries to stay away from Pirates now.

    But, a few friends and I made a day at MK and when we were in the queue for Pirates I told them what I knew of George. Of course, a few friends of mine didn't believe me. So they decided to make a point to find out if George is real.. Well.. they became believers.... at the drop point they counted to 3 and shouted "I don't believe in George"... ok.. har har... I glared at them and we all laughed at them, and the ride went smoothly... no stopping like it was supposed to.. until we came to the Burning room. Yep, we stopped.. and sat there for a while... I turned around and nudged my friend... boats were backed up as far as the eye could see.

    Well, after a few minutes the boats started moving and the ride finished without anymore delay. Turns out, one of my favorite senior CMs of Pirates informed me that of course the ride would stop or back up in the Burning room.... that's where George died... ha, oh yeah.. like that didn't creep me out everytime after that I rode on it and went through the Burning room....

    But anyway the tale doesn't end there... yeah, I know, I'm long winded... my friends and I then went to Splash... got on tra la la... having fun.. and it stopped... we all looked and eachother and said.. "nah.." and not to long after, it started up again. Then after that we mosied on over to Mansion, my favorite! So here you've got me being the dork I am in the streching room reciting the entire spiel, and then of course on to loading. We all load into our respective Doom Buggies, me tailing the crew in the last Buggie for our group (we filled about 4 of them).. as soon as my Buggie left the loading ramp... it stopped.... oh yeah. I was like.. "um hey guys... you don't think George followed us? Oh crap.. I'm going to kill you idiots... let's just say sorry... I told you guys you were going to tick him off." So then you hear the 8 of us shout "We're sorry George!" and right after, the Doom Buggies started up again... haha... Oh yeah... we all made sure we were nice to George after that experience.

    So there's my long winded George experience.

    I've also heard about a small child haunting our WDW Mansion, and I've heard about a former Cinderella haunting DL in the vicinity of the castle and the character zoo area... she apparently gets upset at the Auroras and attacks them every so often.. I think I was told she was one of the orginal face Cinderellas... anyone know more about her? That one I still want to learn more about.

    Oh yeah, and I almost forgot.... one of my fellow Campus Reps told me a story about a haunting at Vista Way.. oh yeah, CP housing. In building 18 to be exact. I kinda want to find that apartment when I go back just to experience it myself...

    So come one, come all! Share you're ghostly Disney stories and experiences!
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    Re: Disney Hauntings

    Are those all the stories you know or do you have more to share??


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      Re: Disney Hauntings
      "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006


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