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WDW Trip May 16-22


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  • WDW Trip May 16-22

    Hey everyone, this is my first post ever on MiceChat. I'll get to the point quickly. In all my numerous trips to WDW, I've never been during this time of year. Especially during Star Wars Weekend at the Studios.

    My first question is, how crowded is it going to be in the World? I've done my research of course, but there are conflicting accounts of how crowded the parks are this time of year. It seems like there are going to be basically moderate (hopefully light-moderate) crowds, but am I deluding myself?

    Secondly, my guess is to just stay away from the Studios during the weekend. I don't really know too much about Star Wars Weekend, but I do know that most of the special events they have tend to bring a crowd (like Super Soap Weekend, which my mom went to and said was very crowded). My girlfriend and I don't really care about Star Wars (no offense to those that do), so we aren't interested in any of the events going on surrounding the weekend, we just want the regular old Studios. Should we avoid the park on the weekend, or is it ok to just go and ride the rides?

    Lastly, I am venturing off-property to Universal on Thursday the 18th. I'm trying to do both parks in a day (albeit quite a long day), so I bought the 1 day park hopper. First, is that doable to hit the highlights in one day? Second, how crowded does the park get this time of year?

    Any help (plus any hints or secrets) will be greatly appreciated.

    Hope to see everyone at the World, less than 3 days and counting...

    PS I've never tried to walk between the parks, I always take the buses. Which parks are one able to walk between? I believe that the MK and EP are close to each other, but I'm not sure. Also, which resorts are within walking distance of the parks? I'm staying at AS Music, but I'd like to go see the GF and CT and such, and see how the other half live. Thanks for the help!
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    Re: WDW Trip May 16-22

    MGM will be a little more crowded than usual the 19th-21st because of Star Wars Weekends. The rest of the parks shouldn't be too bad.

    And from what I know Epcot & MGM are the closest to each other. And Epcot & Magic Kingdom are just a monrail ride away from each other. Last time I went, I parked at Epcot, took the monorail to MK for a couple hours, then went back to Epcot for the rest of the day.


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      Re: WDW Trip May 16-22

      Are you trying to do both Universal parks in one day? If you are, well it will be a challenge, but i found that if you hit the studio part of the two early, you can get a lot of the big rides in before 11. Then head over to Islands of Adventure and start with the Spiderman ride or Hulk...I love them both. Good luck.


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