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A different kind of excitement.


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  • A different kind of excitement.

    Do you get more excited when you are going to Disneyland, or when you are going to Walt Disney World?

    For me, I get excited differently for each destination. Disneyland is a nostalgia thing. I get excited about visiting the park that Walt Disney built and actually spent time at. It has historic signifigance.

    Planning a trip to Walt Disney World, is about visiting the different resorts. There are 4, very different theme parks, and it is fun to plan exactly how much time I want to spend at each of them. I like to plan character meals, and activities like mini golfing, pin collecting, penny smashing, afternoon tea, monorail riding, shopping, and just plain relaxing. Walt Disney World is so huge, that it can overwhelm you, and you must learn to take it slow, and easy, and just enjoy all the little great things, in that big world.

    I am fortunate to be visiting both parks this summer. My Walt Disney World trip is only 50 days away. I am beginning to get excited. We have made our priority seatings, and I am always reworking my schedule. I have concerns about magical express, and how many days I should visit the parks.

    So tell me how excited you get, when you are planning a trip to Disneyland versus the excitement of a Disney World vacation. I sure hope you have been blessed enough to have vacationed at least at one of the Disney Theme Parks.

    I am sure that there are excited Disney planners visiting the overseas parks as well. Feel free to chime in.

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    Re: A different kind of excitement.

    I get to WDW about every 2-3 years and only been to DL once, and that was sort of a spontaneous thing while on a business trip, so it's hard for me to compare. If I had to guess, I'd say I'd be equally excited about a trip to any Disney park - US or overseas. Would the excitement be different? Again, hard to say. My guess would be that it would be the same.


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      Re: A different kind of excitement.

      I've never been able to visit DisneyLand although I most definitely hope to one day. I don't know that it's possible to get more excited than I do about WDW though. I have that same nostalgia feeling about WDW as I used to visit there a lot when I was a kid.


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