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Dining Plan purchase questions


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  • Dining Plan purchase questions to explain this....

    I have reservations for a Magic Your Way Package this summer, however due to scheduling conflicts, we cannot go during the free dining promotion.

    I have added the dining plan to my existing package, however, the due date for my payment is quickly approaching, and I don't think I will have enough by that date.

    Q) Can I remove the dining plan from my package? (to save that portion of the up front costs) And if so, can I purchase it (add it back in) later?
    (after another payday arrives.)

    Q) I thought I read somewhere, as long as I have a Magic Your Way package, I can purchase the dining plan at any time, even when I arrive at the resort. Is this true?

    Q) If I go ahead and make advance reservations, do I have to tell them I will be using the dining plan? Or can I just make the reservation, and then when I arrive, pay using the dining plan?

    I'm sure someone in the vast wealth of knowledge here has come across this before. Any help is appreciated.


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    Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

    Originally posted by Joe User 99

    Q) If I go ahead and make advance reservations, do I have to tell them I will be using the dining plan? Or can I just make the reservation, and then when I arrive, pay using the dining plan?
    I don't have a vast wealth of knowledge, but I just made reservations for July and I have the dining plan. you don't need to tell them when making reservations. When you get to the particular restaurant tell your server that you will be using your disney dining plan for the meal. We are going to do a bunch of Epcot restaurants and the lovely woman from the reservations line told me that they will take care of it there.


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      Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

      Hi Joe!
      Not to be a wiseguy here...
      Did you try calling Disney with some of those questions? Odds are good they'll have the answers for you if someone here doesn't.

      Hint: If you call Disney Reservations and they can't help or don't have the answers, try calling Guest Services. They tend to answer faster and have more, better info.

      Anyway, hope someone here can help. Have a great trip either way!


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        Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

        WHEN WE ATE at epcot over christmas, they asked who in our group was on the dining plan. we got the plan for our mini trip in august. and i just figured out how much food you get. for the table service you get an appetiser, entre and desert. as well as a non alcholic drink and gratuities. I know i can't eat all that but considering that usually a sitdown dinner is at least 30.00 without tip. and lunch is usually 10 ish or so it's definitely worth the money in my opinion. It also encourages people to eat at the sit down restaurants in epcot and the hotels.


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          Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

          Call Disney and get an answer on the phone, and take the name of the person you talk to. That way even if they give you the wrong information on the phone, you're still guranteed whatever you were told on the phone.


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            Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

            Question 1- Yes you can remove the dining plan from your package to save
            costs. It can be added back on 3 or more days prior to arrival. Just remember if you add it back on and are within the final period you have to pay for it completely when adding it.

            Question 2-You absolutely can NOT add it on after you arrival. 3 or more
            days prior to arrival is the rule. If you are within 48 hours of arrival, tough luck, no exceptions.

            Question 3- You don't have to tell then in advance you have the dining plan, However it can help with some of the upfront costs. Some dining places (such
            as some princess locations) require payment up front. If you have the dining
            plan you can just do a credit card guarantee and not have to pay a lot

            Also, it takes 2 table services, but seriously consider doing either the Pioneer Hall Hoop Dee Doo or the Spirit of Aloha dinner...They are
            amazing and great to enjoy for kids or adults.

            Hope this helps
   -Check out my pics!


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              Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

              Wow! Big thanks to you DisneyKitty! :bow:
              I knew someone would know the answer!

              I know it would be easier to call Disney and ask, but I hate to do that kinda thing. I'm just not a big phone kinda guy. I love the indirect contact that the internet brings. When I think about calling, my heart starts racing, and I get all worried about what the answers to my questions would be! :blush:

              Great answers though. Adding it back in 3 days in advance is no problem, I will get paid again July 1st (trip is not till the end of July), but my payment deadline is this Friday!

              Now I just hope that by the time I can add it back in, all the good reservations aren't gone!

              Thanks for all the help everybody!


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                Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

                Oh don't stop from making your dining reservations! Make them as
                soon as possible even if you don't have the dining plan yet.
       -Check out my pics!


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                  Re: Dining Plan purchase questions

                  Here's my extra, unsolicited advice. Scrimp, Save, borrow- but DON't Cancel the Dining Plan. It is SOOOOOO way worth it. It will cost FAR MORE without it- better to pay up front then to get stuck at the end eating nothing but Mcfries and pretzels.

                  Actually- I like the pretzels.

                  Mark Bee
                  Host of the Internationally Syndicated
                  Radio Program "Blades Of Blue"!


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