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Crowds next week?


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  • Crowds next week?

    So does anyone have any thoughts on how crowds are going to be next week? I usually go down in the off-season, but this year I'm coming down with the family. My father being a teacher, next week is his Spring Break. It is my understanding that the New England area is really the only region that has Spring Break next week and that most of the country is already done. So I'm hoping that crowds won't be insane!!!! Thoughts?

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    It wasn't that crowded this week and I don't think it will be different next week, but with the Flower festival in full swing, EPCOT may see a bit more guests than usual.


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      My gut tells me Disney is expecting higher than normal crowds. But I don't care, I'm looking forward to my visit anyway. I would bet the Flower Fest brings out more locals than normal especially on weekends. Also, Disney extended hours at the MK until 11 Sunday night and midnight on Monday, and they never do that without reason. They also extended Disney-MGM to 10 p.m. on Tuesday night.

      Apparently, there are still a few areas of the country with spring breaks for the K-12 crowd, even this late.


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