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Planet Hollywood Vouchers


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  • Planet Hollywood Vouchers

    So ya'll know the drill, life-long Disneylander going to Disney World for my first trip ever! Super excited, staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge for seven nights, yaddayaddayadda...

    At any rate, we booked our trip way back in February and will be going in late September/Early October (hooray for MNSSHP and International Food Festival). We just bought our plane tickets and I called to add our Magical Express and when they sent the updated confirmation I noticed that there is a "Planet Hollywood Voucher". Actually two, one for food and one for merchandise. It has been so long since we booked the trip that I did not remember this being a part of our package.

    I have already made all sorts of Advanced Reservations, having the Dining Plan and whatnot. I am a superduper planner, so I don't know if going to Planet Hollywood will fit.

    So, I guess my question is (Why yes, I am long winded, why do you ask? ) :

    Does anyone know exactly what these vouchers are good for? BOGO? A full meal for each person? A percentage off? What?

    Also, is it worth it? I have only eaten at a PH once and my experience was decidedly "Meh". Should I carve out time in our schedule and skip a meal in one of the parks in favor of this deal? Is lunch or dinner better? If the food and experience is going to be less-than-average then I would just as soon not use the voucher at all.

    Oh Great Micechatters, lend me your wisdom.

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    Re: Planet Hollywood Vouchers

    Did you book through AAA? The ones they give with a AAA package
    are for one free meal..(not one for each person in your party). It's
    a limited menu (only a couple things) and the merchandise voucher is
    for a small souvenir. To get the souvenir you have to dine between
    certain hours..I think between 11-4PM..could be 6 tho..but I'm pretty sure
    it's early...I'm not aware of what the item is.

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      Re: Planet Hollywood Vouchers

      The food voucher is good for one person in your party. One entree and one drink. The special merchandise is a key chain with the Planet Hollywood logo.

      During my trip in May, I had a very bad experience at this Planet Hollywood. In the past, I have eaten at this one and in the one, in Las Vegas. Basically the place was empty around 4:00 p.m. and my group got sitted quickly. Unfourtanely, no waiter came to serve us for an hour. So I asked someone and then they came back and told me that someone sit us at an area, where there was no waiter. So they moved us to a new area. We waited for 15 minutes and got a server. She asked for our drinks. We waited 10 minutes for them. So she got back and got our orders. Finally after another 10 minutes, we got our meals. Overall a bad experience. Our waiter said the she was ending her shift and she don't know if anybody would help us after she left, but she keep talking to a fellow employee right next to us.

      It could have changed since then. I hope.
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        Re: Planet Hollywood Vouchers

        When I went in March I booked through Disney and recieved the vouchers. The food one got me a free buger, fries and soda, I had a choice of three meals, and the merchandise voucher got me a small generic keychain. I think i could have used the merchandise one towards a percentage off, but I don't remember.


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          Re: Planet Hollywood Vouchers

          I think they give the voucher if you stay in a certain hotel.. or stay long enough... we have 3 people in a room in August.. (got the dinning plan free..) and to mom and my surprise there was that voucher for a meal, and a trinket... maybe they need the service there?


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            Re: Planet Hollywood Vouchers

            I booked through Disney, not through AAA.

            It isn't sounding too impressive to me right now. I think I may go with my gut and just skip it.

            Do you know if I could give it away or does it have my name on it? I would love to go down to DTD and find a family who was already planning on going to PH and give it to them.

            Thanks to all who have given me info so far.


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