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Disney Dining


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  • Disney Dining

    In about 3 weeks my family and I are headed to Disney World for a 7 day vacation. We are trying to make a few decisions from some of these restaruants: The Le Cellier Steakhouse,The Boma,Tony's Town Square, Mama Melrose's Restaurante Italiano, and The Beaches and Cream Soda Shop. It would be great if a few people could please tell me how they liked or didn't like these places!!! Thanks!!!


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    Re: Disney Dining

    Le Cellier is good but I thought it was pricey for the food. Don't get me wrong but I did not like my meal as much as the steakhouse in the contemporary resort by chef mickey's. I had the best prime rib there ever. In Epcot I recommend San Angel Inn or the English Pub for the atmosphere. The food is also OK at those places but much cheaper and a great atmosphere. If you do Le Cellier I do recommend their cheese and potatoe soup and their caesar salad was great. My husband enjoyed this place but I wanted more.

    As for Italian my mom has tried Mama Melrose's and thought it was great. On the other hand I haven't heard as good from Tony's, but I have never tried it personally.

    I have heard great things about Boma but have yet to try it.

    I think the Beaches and Cream soda shop have a huge ice cream sundae called the Kitchen Sink. I would try that just for the picture.

    If you decide against Tony's I suggest Ohana's. It's a short monorail trip from the MK and it is great. All you can eat with great food.

    Definatly Chef Mickey's for character breakfast. This had the best food and characters.

    On another note, at MGM I love 50's prime time cafe. Great food, atmosphere, and fun.

    I know you didn't ask for all that but I thought I would share my thoughts.


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      Re: Disney Dining

      Thanks for your help!!!!!!


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        Re: Disney Dining

        I liked Le Cellier. The last time I had dinner there I was disappointed with it, but usually they are good. Other favorites I have at EPCOT are Alfredos and Teppanyaki, plus the atmosphere and entertainment at the Biergarten are excellent.

        Tony's Town Square was the first restaurant we ate at on our honeymoon. The food was very good and the service was great. I recommend it (can't go against Ohana either, though).

        Mama Melrose's is one of my favorite restaurants at the Studios. The food has always been excellent there, the service good and I like the atmosphere and decor (but I'm from LA originally, so I'm biased).

        I've never done Boma for dinner, heard great things about it. I have done it for breakfast and along with Whispering Canyon Cafe, it's one of my favorites. If you go for breakfast, make sure to try the frunch.

        Beaches & Cream is a must on every trip I go on. They have the best burgers I've had at Disney World anywhere. And their desserts are great. The No Way Jose sundae is awesome.

        Narrowing down the restaurant list is always the hardest part of my trip planning!


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          Re: Disney Dining

          We did Boma on our trip. It was fantastic food. I highly recommend it.

          There are plenty of "safe bets" if you aren't the most adventurous person in terms of food, but if you're willing to try some interesting stuff, Boma definitely has it.

          If you do end up doing Boma, however, you must try one of the Zebra Dome desserts. Good stuff.

          Tony's Town Square is a pretty decent restaurant. I wouldn't know for sure, but I imagine Mama Melrose's is better Italian.


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