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Micechat meetup at WDW GayDays


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  • Micechat meetup at WDW GayDays

    Ok, it looks like I'm the official organizer for this one.

    I'm thinking we should meet for lunch/brunch. Probably counter service in the parks. Preferably somewhere decent, but not too popluar, and big enough where there are lots of open tables.

    Here my opening suggestions:
    June 2 at MGM (ABC Commissary) or
    June 3 at Epcot (Yakitori House or Liberty Inn) or
    June 5 at MK (Tomorrowland Terrace or Columbia Harbour House)

    Anybody have any preferences or other time/place suggestions? Personally, I'm leaning toward Yakitori House at noon on June 3, but I'm definitely open to ideas.

    Look forward to meeting you all soon!

    -- Chris

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    ABC Commissary would be an excellent choice at MGM
    At Epcot I think the Liberty Inn is a great place, always plenty of empty tables there, but the food is just a typical burgers and fries - how American is that
    In the Magic Kingdom, The Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station is awesome place to meet.

    Look forward to meeting y'all


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      everything sounds good. columbia harbor house gets my vote for the MK.


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        Originally posted by dizneeboy
        everything sounds good. columbia harbor house gets my vote for the MK.
        Me too. I used to work at the Columbia harbour House from 1981-84.


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          Director, Concierge Services
          established 1939

          and featuring
          TIP TOP CLUB

          on the top floor


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            There's still no concensus. So far Columbia Harbour House is leading by one vote (meeting there Sunday June 5, noon). Does that sound good to everyone? Any other suggestions?

            -- Chris


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              Whatever's decided I'll do my best to attend. I vote for Epcot, though. Earlier in the weekend and a more leisurely day than the gay day at MK. I'm traveling with friends so I think I'll be spending Sunday at MK with them.

              And hey, if it's earlier over the weekend it's a chance to perhaps meet more new people to hang with.


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                Sunday, June 5th, Columbia Harbor House sounds good to me, I plan on being there.


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                  I don't mind the Harbour House either so one more vote in favor from me.


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                    Thanks to everyone for their suggestions so far. As far as times and days and locations, I've decided that we should do a counter-service location in Epcot on Friday June 3. There are a few reasons for this:

                    The crowd capacity at Epcot is bigger than at MK, and there are more dining selections. The "official Epcot day" (assuming a lot of visitors will at least somewhat stick to the schedule here) is earlier in the week, so if you meet someone great at the meetup, you'll have more time to hang out together later. And, "counter-service" because I don't want to make a priority seating for 25 people and only have 6 show up (or vice versa).

                    So, personally, I'm still leaning toward Yakitori House, 'cause it's a little overlooked, and I'm up for something other than burgers and fries. But there are a lot of other places as well. The Land will be newly re-opened, but I'm avoiding it as a meeting place because Soarin' will draw a lot of extra folks into the Food Fair. I'm also avoiding the hotels because I'm thinking of this as "an hour or so out of your Epcot day" rather than something you should have to leave the parks for. Any more food suggestions?

                    -- Chris


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                      Yakitori House is ok for me as well.


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                        I second that... Yakatori House would be a good choice for the meet!


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                          Do NOT. I repeat DO NOT make your meet at Yakitori House unless you aren't planning on dining.

                          I've mentioned this in a couple of other threads, but I have eaten there many, many times, including last week. It was my last gasp attempt to see if my last two visits were simply exceptions or if the place had gone down the toilet in quality. Well, it had.

                          The portions have been shrunk considerably. They don't even call the chicken yakitori and put it on skewers because they feel their audience is too dumb to undertand so it's chicken terriyaki that makes a mall food court joint taste like all-world cuisine. The chicken, which always was breast meat, is now ... I dunno quite how to put it, but mystery chunks with veins, fat and a red/brown color is what it looked like. Even the old ginger salad dressing has been replaced by some horrific stuff that has a medicinal aftertaste.

                          And the legendary Japanese service? Hah. It;s now the typical WDW service. You now clean your own trash. The tables are filthy. The CMs, while nice, are very disorganized in a culture known for the opposite.

                          It's just a very depressing experience. I strongly urge you guys/gals to NOT patronize the place. It's a pathetic shadow of what it was even a year ago.

                          Please trust me on this one.

                          A better option would be Tangerine Cafe, which as of last week, still puts out quality, tasty food options.


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                            Also, I guess the Japan CMs are embarrassed about the food as well they should because they no longer have samples in the case to view.


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                              OMG!!! I didn't know. I will have to go to EPCOT Center just to check this out. Sad!! Oh well... in regards to the meet, I will be willing to go anywhere as I am easy to please (no nasty jokes, ok?)


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                                Thanks for the review, WDW1974. That is kinda sad.. I ate there a few years ago and the food was much better than what you just described.

                                I agree with TDLFAN, and wherever its decided to go, I'll be. I'm looking forward to putting some faces to names from around the board.


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                                  I have probably dined there 100 times over the years. The food was always great. the service wonderful. The place clean. It has gone waaaaaaay downhill. Even the squirrels won't eat the leftovers! Someone should let Norm Noble know that it's not acceptable.


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                                    Wow, that's sad to hear about Yakitori House. I was there last January, and the place was under heavy construction, so I hoped it was changing for the better, but it looks like that wasn't the case.

                                    So, the other counter-service places in World Showcase are:

                                    Tangerine Cafe (Morocco)
                                    Lotus Blossom Cafe (China)
                                    Liberty Inn (USA)

                                    There's also the Cantina de San Angel (Mexico), but it's always been mobbed whenever I pass by there.

                                    There's also Kringla Bakeri (Norway), Yorkshire Fish & Chips (UK), Boulangerie Patisserie (France) and Sommerfest (Germany), but all of these are more like take-away places without much in the way of seating.

                                    What does everybody think? Personally, I love the Tangerine Cafe, but I could see that it might not be everyone's cup of tea. The Liberty Inn has the most boring food, but also the largest seating. (I'd throw Electric Umbrella into this category as well.) And Lotus Blossom Cafe shares some of the complaints that Yakitori House is currently getting.

                                    -- Chris


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                                      Wow... your points are quite valid. Just my opinion, but I really don't see the point of going to Epcot to eat a burger...there's just so much more variety there to choose from!

                                      I'd go with Tangerine Cafe in Morocco. The food there is good, and it's usually not so crowded.


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                                        Thread bump....

                                        Was just wondering if the meet is still happening or definitely set?



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