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Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions


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  • Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

    So I'm going this December (first week of it) for about 5 or 6 days. I have questions about everything! We haven't booked our trip yet but we're sure we're going with 4 people and sharing one room at the All Star Movies place. We also know we want the dining package and we're going through AAA. So what should I know about going in December, is 5 or 6 days enough for a first time for 4 teenagers?

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    Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

    Should be enough to do most of it. It really isn't enough to soak in EVERYTHING, but that takes many days. Also, if you're planning on going to Universal's IoA, which I highly reccomend as well, you want to really plan out what you're going to do in advance.


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      Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

      You will have nice weather there and I have been told the lines are great around that time.There not that bad.

      If you like to do (of what I call the cheating way to see Mickey Mouse) Goto ToonTown Fair and go in line in the back of his house. Oh and That will be in the Magic Kingdom

      Have good time. There always so much to do and so little time as well.

      Oh also at ToonTown Fair remember to sing and dance to the "Boom Da Boom" song once you are going past Pete's Garage. *lol - joking* That would be awesome though.
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        Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

        I don't usually knock AAA, but when I called the resort itself to book my trip I got the best deal. I originally went to the AAA Travelstore to book our trip, but after sitting for a little one of my kids decided to end the discussion a little early by spilling a drink on herself. Well, when I got home with the paper trail from AAA, I decided to call Disney World myself. Well they are beating the AAA price by a few bucks and I get the package I really want. The Disney Rep was so easy to work with I don't think I'll ever use a travel agent or AAA to book a trip to Disney again!!! Oh and you will get the AAA discount as long as you tell the rep on the phone that you would like to use the AAA discount. You will have to present your AAA card when you check in. It sounds as if you have a good grasp on things you want to do and if you don't this is the perfect place to get up to speed. Good Luck and I hope you have a great trip!!!


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          Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

          Oh Snap! First TIme? Coolio! I Live Right Near WDW and I Go every week end - Year passes - My FavE RiDeS ArE:
          Splash Mountain - Great For Everyone! - Magic Kingdom
          Space Mountain- Magic Kingdom
          Everest - Animal Kingdom - Great For Teens!
          And like a gzillion More!
          Also, Hope Ya Guys Enjoy Your Trip!

          ,.,WDW Princess,.,


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            Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

            5 or 6 days is a pretty good amount of time and should allow you to do quite a bit. Like Taggart said, it won't be enough time to see everything, so my advice is to relax and pace yourself. WDW is a huge place with many, many things to see and do. If you try and do it all, you'll likely burn yourself out. :sweat:

            Far as those dates, the weather should be pretty good there and lines shouldn't be too bad.

            Have a great time and let us know if you have more questions.


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              Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

              Originally posted by EagleWings
              So I'm going this December (first week of it) for about 5 or 6 days. I have questions about everything! We haven't booked our trip yet but we're sure we're going with 4 people and sharing one room at the All Star Movies place. We also know we want the dining package and we're going through AAA. So what should I know about going in December, is 5 or 6 days enough for a first time for 4 teenagers?

              Wow! First time at WDW - how exciting!!! :yea:
              WDW is overwhelming. (I just got back from WDW a couple of weeks ago). I hope I can turn into :thumbup:

              Since I'm not sure what kind of budget you have, I'll assume its geared to value/moderate resorts.

              First of all, going through AAA really doesn't save any money. We did book our trip through AAA, but it was the exact same cost as booking off

              Ok...when I stayed at WDW w/ my parents (I'm also a teenager), we stayed at Pop Century (PC). Other than the bus service, the only thing good was the cost. (Bad maid service, uncomfortable beds and pillows, etc.) If you have to stay at a value, I would stay at PC, rather than All Star Movies. PC It always has its own bus service and is the newest of the values. (Sometimes at AK and the Studios, All Star Music, Movies, and Sports all SHARE ONE BUS!!! Yep, it gets pretty crowded. Also, the food court at PC is pretty good.

              That being said, the ROOMS ARE VERY SMALL. It was very crowded for my parents and I. The beds are double and there is only one VERY TINY BATHROOM WITH ONE SINK.

              If you can afford the extra $40 or $50 a night, I would definately stay in a moderate resort. I've stayed in Caribbean Beach before, but I think that all of the moderates are equally nice. You get a refridgerator, larger bathrooms with two sinks, and larger rooms. The extra space would really be nice for 4 teenagers.

              Also, I really don't think that 5 or 6 days is enough time for 4 teenagers to see the park for the very first time. My parents and I stayed for 8 nights and even we were pressed for time. (And we've been to the park before.) I'm assuming you've been to Disneyland before; it takes a while just to see Disneyland Park.

              WALT DISNEY WORLD IS HUGE!!!! It takes at least 2 1/2 days each to see the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. Animal Kingdom and the Disney-MGM Studios can be seen in a day each. Lucky you - you are going during the least crowded part of the year. (We went in early June; it was summer, but not the most crowded part of the summer.) I would really recommend at least 7 nights. Get an 8 day park hopper.

              General tips: Extra Magic Hours save you time in the morning, but not necessarily at night. It can still be pretty crowded at night. However, they do give you 1 hour in the morning and 3 hours at night of extra time. The most important tip of all: ALWAYS USE FASTPASS!!! FASTPASS, FASTPASS, FASTPASS. Unless the line in under 15 min, GET A FASTPASS.

              *Note about the dining pass: Since it costs $37.99 per person, think about how much food you usually eat per day. I know that my parents and I didn't get it, because we usually eat about $20 worth of food a day per person.

              Ok, I know most of my tips were about lodging. If you need anymore info, feel free to post and ask me or any other Mice Chatters. I would recommend getting really familiar with, ( is much more Disneyland oriented), and getting Birnbaum's Walt Disney World 2006 - The Official Guide.

              Have fun planning for WDW!!!!!!


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                Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

                I just booked a WDW trip for the first week of December.

                I think the Dining plan is a great deal. You can use the table service meals for the Fantasmic! Dinner package at MGM. I'm pretty sure you can also use them for the Candlelight Processional Dinner Package at Epcot (not yet taking ressies). You can also use two table service meals in one sitting for an "upscale" restaurant (not including Victoria and Albert's). For example, I'm using four table service meals to dine at Yachtman's Steakhouse and California Grill. I'd probably never eat at those places without the dining plan.

                Whether you get the dining plan or not, be sure to make reservations at any table service restaurants you want to try. Since the new dining package went into effect, the restaurants at WDW are pretty mobbed.

                I second the suggestion to move up to a moderate if at all possible. You get a lot more resort for just a little more money. Based on my research and experience, I think Port Orleans French Quarter is the best deal going at WDW. It's the smallest resort on property. The rooms have a seperate area with two sinks and a "dressing" curtain dividing it from the rest of the room. I'll be staying there for the second time in December (unless a killer deluxe resort discount suddenly appears). Obviously, opinions vary. Also keep in mind that a lot of families participating in the Pop Warner Superbowl will be staying at the Value Resorts (and perhaps POFQ as well; I've yet to confirm this).

                I recommend picking up a copy of The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. It's chock full of information you might never learn on your own; especially during your first trip.

                On my last trip, I found that the parks are so much more crowded on EMH days, that it's best to avoid EMH altogether or just go for the early entry period, then leave for another park. That was in October. Your experience may be different.

                Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party will be going on during your visit. You might want to read up on that. I haven't yet decided if I'm going to pony up the extra dollars for that event.


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                  Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

                  I agree with the value vs mods. Our first trip in 2003 we stayed two nights and the ASmovies and were so unhappy with it we left and upgraded to Caribbean Beach, which we loved. We're doing Coronado Springs this time around(going in August)

                  Since it's 4 teenagers you'll being able move quick and should be able to see a lot, not everything(is that even possible ) but a lot!

                  The dining plan just depends on whether you like doing table service meals daily. If you don't it's not for you.

                  Make sure and check out for menus and lots of info about the hotels including pictures!

                  Have a great time and have a blast planning

                  Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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                    Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

                    Dear Eagle....PLEASE don't forget...all first time visitors get a special pin!!! Just go to Guest Services once in the park, to pick it up!!! And take advantage of the photo'll give everyone a chance to get in the photo. And don't forget to get that classic picture right in front of the castle (first thing in the morning is best)...and ya might wanna make it early enough to see the opening ceremony. And don't forget to meet Mickey!


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                      Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

                      Five or six days should be great for you. Take advantage of the Extra Magic Hours when they're available for each park (in the morning or evening before/after normal park hours) for resort guests. You've already done yourself a great favor by going in early December. The lines will be minimal and you'll be able to ride a lot of attractions and even do re-rides without many long waits.

                      It will be a tight fit in the hotel rooms, but you won't be there all that much anyway. Ask to sit in the front cab of the monorail (you may have to wait a train or two) and enjoy!
                      Warning: Portions of this attraction are intense and may not be appropriate for younger children.


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                        Re: Disneyworld -1st time trip- Questions

                        Oh! Bring some shampoo and conditioner. All-Star Movies offers it in dispensers in the shower, but that stuff is cheap and dries your hair out. Bring some good stuff you normally use and you won't regret it. Your hair will thank you.

                        If you buy merchandise, I can't stress this enough: use the hotel delivery service. When you buy stuff in the parks, ask them to send it to your hotel. They keep all of it at the shop in the lobby at the resort for you. When you're ready before you depart, pick everything up. Best of all it's FREE and works well!


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