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  • Bad Experiences?

    I was over on the Disneyland section, and was readin stories about people getting bad experiences at the park, so I'm curious as to the bad stories people have from Disney World. Has your day ever been ruined by rude guests, or worse, rude CMs? Please post your stories!

    (This is for entertainment. I"m not trying to point out bad things, I just like to read the bad experiences and kind of laugh at them, because they're usually really absurd!)

    I'll start with the only one i can think of, though it's very generic and probably happens to a lot of people. I was riding Pirates and someone in front of me had one of those video cameras with the spotlight on them going through the whole ride! Gah! I wanted to "accidently" knock it out of his hand into the water!

    Okay, your turn.

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    Only bad I've run into is idiots taking flash phots places they shouldn't - like in the Hall of Presidents, HM, and PotC. I want to slap each and every one of those maroons!

    After a patron did it in HoP once, though, the CM came in and mentioned that he hoped they had film that was at least 1600 speed, as if not, they'd have trash. *giggle* My husband and I, along with quite a few other guests, applauded that! heheh

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      My girlfirend and I once went on Snow White's Scary Adventures and wound up in the back seat behind two people who took pictures of every scene. Now, if you think of how quickly that ride goes, you'll realize that that is a lot of flashes. Probably the worst experience with guests I've ever had.

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        I had a CM not let my son on Test Track because he was an 1/8 of an inch too short. The real bad thing was we had just gotten off of the ride, poor kid just cried and cried.
        He felt like his life was some kind of dream and he sometimes wondered whose it was and whether they were enjoying it.
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          I was eating dinner at the Garden Grill..

          And 4 of us were sitting in a half-circle moon-shaped booth and I was on one end. If you've ever eaten there, you know the benches are high.. well, Mickey came over to say Hi, came around the top of the booth and scared me half to death.

          Well, whoever it was couldn't stop laughing, you could hear them inside! Well, I had further scares for the rest of the evening from four other characters. Seriously, purposely sneaking up on me to attempt to scare me. The rest of my party found it absolutely amusing.. where I was.. not so tickled, but played along in good fun.

          It got worse when the members of my party attempted to hook me up with the server... to add more embarassment to the day!

          I'll stop here.

          Never forget that day!
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            A CM threw a pizza box at my mother once.

            Did it ruin our vacation?

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              As a Cast Member, I have all sorts of stories but my most recent one happened a couple of weeks ago. I was working at Test Track's gift shop when the ride broke down and the guests had to leave the building. One guest in particular was very upset over the ride not working and asked to see an attraction manager. I called them up and they were at the shop within 2 minutes. The guest started to scream and yell at the manager that the ride had broken down. The attraction manager was trying to do his best to remedy the situation. The guest started using some "choice language." We had to remind him that Epcot is a family-friendly park and to please watch his language. It was pretty funny though to watch a guest get so mad over nothing.


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                My whole day was ruined by a certain hispanic CM from the Bronx who works Fantasyland attractions, and more specific at Pooh's ride when the incident happened. He is garbage and should not be employed at WDW. Enough said. Just thinking about it makes me furious.


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                  Originally posted by TDLFAN
                  My whole day was ruined by a certain hispanic CM from the Bronx who works Fantasyland attractions, and more specific at Pooh's ride when the incident happened. He is garbage and should not be employed at WDW. Enough said. Just thinking about it makes me furious.
                  What did he do that was so awful?


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