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Studio Ghibli at DAK


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  • Studio Ghibli at DAK

    Does anyone know if Disney's distribution deal with Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli mentions anything about the possibility of theme park rides?

    Wouldn't a 'Totoro' or 'Spirited Away' ride be both fitting and fantastic in Disney's Animal Kingdom? Or how about an ENTIRE LAND devoted to the characters of Studio Ghibli? One of the themes constantly addressed in these films is the importance of nature -- surely this would fit right in with DAK's identical identity!

    Here's dreaming...
    The Hedgehog's Dilemma

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    Obsession I sense in you... A dark ride based on all those flight scenes in his movies would be good for Japan at WS. And you could also have a Princess Mononoke or Nausicaa ride with those as well for potential rides for AK. I want to ride an Ohmu or Yakkul.
    M-I-C-K-E-Y P-R-I-M-E


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      You know what, now that you mention it, Epcot's Japan pavillion would be a great spot for something Studio Ghibli. I haven't been there in three years (time to get back!), but they used to sell some Miyazaki stuff in one of their shops. I know the first book I ever read on Miyazaki was found there, as was a pack of Princess Mononoke playing cards that my girlfriend bought before the film was even released!
      The Hedgehog's Dilemma


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        OOOH! I like the Japan Pavillion idea! I am going to Tokyo in June and one of our planned excursions is to the Ghibli Museum. Check out the photo of the gian robot in the garden. I NEED that!


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          Yeah, they sold some Ghibli stuff in the Tokyo Pavillion but not much. I went looking for some last time I was there.

          I think adding some dark rides based on the Ghibli movies would be an awesome idea.

          Or even a Resort based on the Spirited Away Bath House ... now that would be cool.

          I think the Parks could capitalize on this deal a lot more.



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