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Early Mornings at the Parks

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  • Early Mornings at the Parks

    I am going to do an early morning at each of the Disney World Parks on my up and coming trip. I have only done early mornings at Magic Kingdom in the past. My plan is to do early mornings, and then change parks midday to another park.

    My question is this?

    What attractions, and activites, do you do when you attend early mornings at the Disney World Parks.

    All ideas and suggestions are appreciated.

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    Re: Early Mornings at the Parks

    I'm usually not as big on the mornings since it's only an hour and an extra hour of sleep never hurts after a late night. When I do the mornings, however, the rides I usually hit are:

    MK - Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear
    Epcot - Soarin', Test Track
    Studios - Tower of Terror, Rock n Roller Coaster
    AK - Dinosaur, Everest, Kiliminjaro Safaris

    That's assuming that the list of operating morning attractions doesn't change.
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      Re: Early Mornings at the Parks

      AKs safari is a definite morning one, enormous queues in the day and the CMs say there is more animal activity (don't get any ideas!) during the early hours.


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        Re: Early Mornings at the Parks

        I agree with mrcoaster, for a different reason.

        When everyone staying on property flocks to an early morning at a park, I go to a DIFFERENT park. True, it opens an hour later, but I found that the crowds are less in the park I go to for a while.

        For example, if they're having early morning at the Magic Kingdom, I'll head to Epcot.

        Although AK would be a good choice for an early morning - as well as evenings when the park stays open late.


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          Re: Early Mornings at the Parks

          /\ #1 is I agree. #2 is at MK I actually skip the e-tickets...I will wait in line for those. I go ride the smaller rides that I won't want a line for later.


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            Re: Early Mornings at the Parks

            I would suggest trying to ride astro orbiter on a MK early day. I've never been able to ride it during normal hours because of the lines and that tiny elevator. One day during early entry, though, I made it my first stop. Everyone else was rushing to the more popular attractions and I had the ride all to myself.
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