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Extra Magic Hours, particularly Epcot


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  • Extra Magic Hours, particularly Epcot

    Does anybody know how late Epcot stays open on Thursdays for the Evening Extra Magic Hours?
    I read "up to three hours" and on the official Disney site they show the attractions that will be run during this time. Some of them being in Future World makes me think maybe all of Epcot is only open until 10 PM so as they would have 3 extra hours of Future World and one extra hour in World Showcase.
    Or would they close down everything in Future World from 7-9 then re-open and stay open until midnight?

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    When we went in Jan. they were open 3 extra hours (until midnight), but only certain things were open in future world and the only thing open in world showcase was norway and mexico. Kind of disappointing, we didn't stay long. I thought all of WS should have been open.


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      What I have found:
      May 16
      Test Track
      Spaceship Earth
      Universe of Energy
      Mission Space


      May 12

      * Journey Into Imagination with Figment
      * Honey I Shrunk the Audience
      * El Rio Del Tiempo
      * The Maelstrom

      Wristbands distributed no earlier than two hours before the park closes to the general public at the following locations:

      * Main Entrance
      * Future World East Breezeway
      * Future World West Breezeway
      * International Gateway
      * World Showcase Plaza/Mexico

      Hope this helps!


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        I just returned from EMH at Epcot. It's important to realize that IT is NOT offered every Thursday night. The night changes from week to week (this week it was Tuesday). on EMN, ALL of FW remains open until 9 p.m. for all guests.

        Then, most of FW (right now, SSE, UoE, MS, TT, Imagination, Honey I Shrunk the Audience) aling with Mexico (El Rio Del Tiempo) and Norway (Maelstrom) remain open from 9 p.m.-midnight. MouseGear remains open for your shopping convenience. Electric Umbrella and the Cantina in Mexico stay open and San Angel Inn seats guests until 10 p.m.

        It was quite busy tonight. Saw 40 minute wait for TT at 10:15.


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          You were at WDW tonight?? Sorry I missed you. I just got back from Tokyo this afternoon.


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            How long is that plane flight from Tokyo? I want to go sometime.

            Do you have to land and take off again in LA or something?


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              I never go thru LA. Takes longer. You want to go north and take off from a northeast (like NYC) or midwest city (like Chicago), and the flight time is usually around 12:30 going over and about 11:15 coimng back. Nonstop that is.


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                Hmm, that's actually not as bad as I thought. I'm actually going to Hawaii in June... We should have probably made a week trip to Tokyo, but I think I'd want to spend more than a week there. Heh heh. I've never been to Japan, but I want to go. (Tokyo Disney is a major part of it, but I want to see Tokyo too.)


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                  Only 8 hrs going westbound from Honolulu.. although being in Honolulu will feel like being in Japan... Hehehe...


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                    Originally posted by WDW1974
                    I just returned from EMH at Epcot.
                    It was quite busy tonight. Saw 40 minute wait for TT at 10:15.
                    Thanks for the update! Disney is quite good about the info on their site as to which dates the EMH will happen and which attractions will be open. I was pleasantly surprised by how forthcoming they were with that.

                    We were considering switching hotels to take advantage of EMH (especially arrival day which will have us using up a full-day's admission but not being able to take advantage of the full day at any park- just need to get started!). At this point, though, I think we'll pass on EMH. I like the off-site hotel we've already reserved and it's not worth it given the crowds I'm hearing about. I'd rather go back to the hotel and sleep, preparing for the next full day of fun!


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                      Originally posted by TDLFAN
                      You were at WDW tonight?? Sorry I missed you. I just got back from Tokyo this afternoon.
                      Yep. Mostly spent day at DAK Lodge and then night at Epcot. Great dinner on the patio for Illuminations ... great food (even with the fireworks fallout on my dessert!).

                      Today, again stayed around the pool most of the day (hard to leave this place), but did go to the MK tonight ... great to be able to be in the park at 12:45 a.m.

                      Have to head back home today (Thursday) but will still try and hang out here as long as I can!


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