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Trip Report/NYFA


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  • Trip Report/NYFA

    I'm not gonna get into too much detail about the New York Film Academy, since I've been here for over a month and there would be a lot to talk about. So, here's one of my films.

    Instead, I'm gonna talk about my free days at the parks, and I'll answer any questions about the NYFA that people have.

    Anyway, the first free day I went to MGM. One of the problems with the NYFA is that you can't go to a park by yourself. Having to go with a group really slows me down, but luckily we don't have to stay with them the whole time. First we went to ToT and got fastpasses. Rock N' Roller Coaster was down for some reason (this was before the day the boy died). We went to the Great Movie Ride to pass some time, then I split up for a little bit, to do this:

    The person inside there couldn't possibly have weighed more than 50 pounds.

    Then I met up with them back at ToT, and we went on. We also went on a second time, because they forgot to take our fastpasses. Haha.

    After this, we got fastpasses for RNRC, which was rockin' and rollin' again. I went off on my own again, and did this:


    I noticed a nonchalant duck wandering around.

    Finally, I went to Star Tours.

    But before heading back to RNRC, I made one last stop:

    Hey Kim, will you make my dreams... POSSIBLE? (actual quote from one of our actors)

    After RNRC I split up with the others for the rest of the day. I went to meet Mickey, during which time at least ten children tried to duck under the... er... rope... queue... movie theater thingies and run to him.

    After the chaos was resolved.

    Next I went to greet my best friend in the whole world.


    My final stop of the day was the Animation Studio. Question: does it ever change or does the show always feature Mushu?

    Afterwards I met the Incredibles.

    Y'know, it seems to me that it would be easier on the actors to have
    smaller masks, and in many cases would be more accurate as well.

    There are snakes on this mother@#$%ing plane!

    Elastigirl? More like ElastiMILF

    Well, that was my day. I picked up one of those Capt. Jack Sparrow Cutlasses, which was used in my Pirate film (if you haven't seen it yet, click the link at the top of this post). In my next post I'll talk about my second free day, when I went to Magic Kingdom.

    Have you faced the Yeti?

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    Re: Trip Report/NYFA


    but may I ask what exactly are you doing while you in disney with the NYFA?



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      Re: Trip Report/NYFA

      Basically, take long filmmaking classes and make short films. First we had a 1-minute movie to just basically get the feel of the camera. Second was a multi-shot movie at least 2 minutes long. Third was a music video, and the final one, which I'm shooting saturday, is a 5-7 minute long movie.

      Have you faced the Yeti?


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        Re: Trip Report/NYFA

        Second day was Magic Kingdom. Actually, there's not much to say about it, so I'll post some pictures then go on to the third free day, Epcot.

        We were escorted in through the back, because we were mainly there to do location scouting for our third films. Then we could go off on our own. I snapped a pic of a hidden Mickey in Morocco, first.

        Next stop was Japan, where I spent a lot of time.


        I went around the World Showcase and rode Maelstrom. I think that ride could use a bit of an update. Then, I headed towards Test Track. I went on the Single Riders line, so there was little wait. Next, I headed went to the Epcot Character Connection. It was cool inside and uncrowded, so the characters were very interactive.


        Notice my Naruto gloves

        My first time meeting Donald since I was like 5.

        Donald took a nap.

        Minnie's a hottie.


        Then I did Soarin', and moved on to the Living Seas for the first time since I was roughly 2. For the most part I was uninterested, except for one thing:


        Quite possibly the cutest fish ever, period. It's like a fat eel with an octopus for a head. This one in particular was very friendly, and posed for the camera for a good 5 minutes.

        Next time, I talk about Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney.

        Have you faced the Yeti?


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          Re: Trip Report/NYFA

          Very nice pictures but may i ask why you and all the characters always do the thumbs up? LOL have fun in WDW


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            Re: Trip Report/NYFA

            Originally posted by danceguest
            Very nice pictures but may i ask why you and all the characters always do the thumbs up? LOL have fun in WDW
            Actually, it's kinda a reflex, lol.

            Have you faced the Yeti?


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              Re: Trip Report/NYFA

              I want part three please



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                Re: Trip Report/NYFA

                bring on day three...and link us to your film stuff...


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                  Re: Trip Report/NYFA

                  Originally posted by Mitsukai

                  OMG! I don't remember Tig being so.... flourescent. You should've asked if he can glow in the dark!


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                    Re: Trip Report/NYFA

                    Day 3: Magic Kingdom and Downtown Disney.

                    It was the Fourth of July, so I was with my mom. Ironically, we didn't watch any fireworks at all. Anyhoo, we headed off to MK.

                    Darn cloudy Florida weather.

                    Obviously our first target was Pirates of the Carribean. However, out front was the best Johnny Depp impersonator they'll ever manage to hire.




                    After seeing the video of that shoddy Jack Sparrow they had at first, I was pleased to discover that this guy looked, sounded, and acted the part perfectly. I wouldn't have been surprised if this was Johnny Depp himself.


                    Behold the Midget Skeleton.

                    On to the ride. Now, as for my opinion, I thought the changes were great. However, I was expecting more. Barbossa looked nothing like he should. For some reason I also started noticing the audible piston hiss of some of the older animatronics, for example the swinging pirate leg you float under. That was the most noticeable to me and by all means it shouldn't be too difficult to replace it with a quieter mechanism.

                    By the way, this is completely unrelated but I wanted to show you a picture of a friggin huge bathroom at the convention center in Epcot and I swear I kept hearing breathing behind me when I was in there. Also, two urinals flushed by themselves and I heard footsteps. I suggest that if you ever get to go in there, you don't take too long. Creepy as hell.

                    Anyhoo, I met Peter Pan outside of Pirates.

                    No, I don't think this makes me gay.

                    Next we headed to the Haunted Mansion.


                    Why doesn't forced perspective work on me?

                    Same old, same old. One day I would love to ride this without it stopping three times.

                    We headed to Fantasyland, where we did Philharmagic and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh, which I enjoy 100 times more than I should.

                    If he's stuffed with fluff, where does all the honey go?



                    I stopped by Toontown Fair.

                    I would've met some characters but all the lines were much much longer than they had any right to be. I'm wondering how a line for Cinderella warrants 45 minutes of loud children and annoyed parents.

                    We headed out through Tomorrowland. For absolutely no reason, Chip and Dale were in there.

                    What the heck?

                    Actually, to be completely honest, this is a combination of two different trips, which is why I look different from picture to picture. However, aside from the character pictures things mostly happened in the same order, so I decided to put it all together.

                    Anyway, on one trip I met one pair before leaving...

                    ...and on the other, a different pair.

                    So, we were on to Downtown Disney, but not before heading back to my mom's hotel to check on our puppies.

                    Okay, so, Downtown Disney.

                    Let me just say that I love Legos.

                    Let me also say that I love Once Upon a Toy.

                    As well as World of Disney.

                    As well as their new PotC setup.

                    From a different trip there, here's their new Pirate Stitch.

                    Basically I just plain love Downtown Disney. But now I move on to the important subject of dinner at Planet Hollywood.

                    First of all, let me show you what had me most psyched out of everything else.

                    Yes, that is the costume of Ivan Ooze from the cinematic masterpiece known as Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie. They used to have the costumes of the rangers themselves inside the restaurant, but sadly they have been removed. Wherever they are now I can only hope they're being kept in good shape, because I know that if they've been destroyed I'll have to hunt down whoever is responsible and light their house on fire.

                    Anyway, behold, the sword from Highlander...

                    ...the fly...

                    ...the shrimp hand from Beetlejuice...


                    ...and the creepy heads from Beetlejuice.

                    Also of notice was Jason's head, Evil Ash from Army of Darkness, and a Freddy Kruger facial prosthetic. Also, two Turboman figures from Jingle all the Way, Turboman and his nemesis whose name escapes me. On closer inspection, both were just repaints of the same Iron Man action figure. I ate this odd sort of lasagna that was basically a giant tube of pasta stuffed with meat, cheese, and sauce and totally kicked hiney.

                    Next post: Animal Kingdom and Epcot.

                    Have you faced the Yeti?


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                      Re: Trip Report/NYFA

                      I ate this odd sort of lasagna that was basically a giant tube of pasta stuffed with meat, cheese, and sauce and totally kicked hiney.
                      Methinks you speak of cannelloni. Thanks for all the pics.


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