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Fantasmic Video


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  • Fantasmic Video

    Hi all! I'm interested to know if anyone has any video or pics of Fantasmic! at MGM...I've seen it hundreds of times at DLR. But, I primarily want to know how the boat at the end works and the Pocahontas scene at WDW. Anyone? I'm going in June. But, I've got to know now

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    Well the show takes place on a HUGE rock/mountain surrounded by water. So when it's time for the boat to come through it just makes one lap around the moat.

    The pochahontas segment was lame. It takes the place of the peter pan one in Disneyland. It's kinda cool at first since Ratcliffe fires off a cannon that makes everyone jump. And then his men get to work tearing the place up. Some indians get PO'D about this, and they start attacking them. The settlers actually shoot a few poor indians, and then Mrs. Poca and John Smith kinda appear outta nowhere and do a little ditty of colors of the wind and everything's ok =/ Personally I think even Mickey was gagging off screen


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      I have a video from someone, I can send it to you if I can find it, pm me your email adress, I have msn and yahoo (can get AOL if need be)

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        Re: Fantasmic Video

        Sorry I'm a bit late... Just saw the post and you prolly already have a video of it... I have a video of Fantasmic as well as a lot more at my site....



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          Re: Fantasmic Video

          Go to

          They have a great video of the MGM version. Just go to multimedia, then to WDW and then to MGM -- entertainment.

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