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Disney Aniversery


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  • Disney Aniversery

    My mother and father are going to the Animal Kingdom lodge (WDW) for there aniversery which is in middle August. Alot has happened in our house this year and this is the first time they are going away for there aniversery. My sisters and I want to do something very special for them so we think that we are going to send them a card and goody basket to there hotel.
    Im not sure if any disney hotel does this but at the Animal Kingdom Lodge you can get a wake up call from a disney pal. One time ours was "Heya folks its your pal, Mickey mouse! Alot has been going on in the castle so wake up! - in background hear stitch laugh -" or something like that. Well we wanted to see if instead of a disney pal they could hear our voices saying "Mom, dad wake up! Happy anversery!"

    I think that would be a cute gift, but we aren't sure if it is possible, does anyone know. Anyone here a disney expert?
    Is there another gift we can buy online and mail to there room. Post it here!

    Thank you

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    Re: Disney Aniversery

    I think you can call ahead tell the hotel its there anniversary and they will do something special.I know in CA they do at the Disneyland hotel.

    I say give the hotel a call ask.


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      Re: Disney Aniversery

      Well they are doing something special for my parents but we want to do something for them.
      The hotel is going to give them a very special dinner on them for free. My dad was so thankful but he isn't allowed to send tips so he sent them Calgarys finest chocalate, Bernard Colabbo. (cant spell it.)

      But i really like the call idea is theres an email i could ask them about this at?


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        Re: Disney Aniversery

        Well we wanted to see if instead of a disney pal they could hear our voices saying "Mom, dad wake up! Happy anversery!"
        why don't you just call them???

        Well, you can steal my idea...we're going in Sept for my hubby and my anniversary, but, my parents celebrated their 40th in June..I was going to do a lttle something special for them....we were staying in All Stars Movies (before we decided a condo better suits our needs) I was going to go and get them both a gold Mickey ears hat with her name on it, and Dad a hat with lots of pins (he loves pin) and then, get a Christams ornament with their anniversary hand written . I was going to deliver it to their rooms...I'll still do it. So, let's modify it for you. Someone around here (I'm sure) knows a good Disney merchandise website...pick out a few things..special for them, and have them shipped to the Disney resort in their name courtesy of the front desk...find out exactly when it should be there and call and arrange for them to deliver it up to your parent's room. They'll have a whole treat of Disney souvenirs to wear on their anniversary in the parks.


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          Re: Disney Aniversery

          That is a good idea but my parents aren't into that stuff. I dont want to just call i want them to wake up to our voices, it would be a very sudden surprise.


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