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My WDW Monorail Station


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  • My WDW Monorail Station

    Hey, I'm new here! I've spent the last 30 mins trying to decide where to put this topic, so I hope it's in the right place.

    I was looking at photos of the TTC, and instantly decided that I wanted to have a try at designing something to replace the slabs of mulit-colored concrete. I drew up sketches of the whole thing, and since my scanner is broken I decided to draw up a cross section of the Monorail station.

    It's designed to seperate the incoming and out-going crowds for better loading. You enter the lower concourse and exit the upper concorse. The black is steel and the blue is glass. When I fix my scanner I'll post a render of what it's ment to look like. The tower is a control booth (I just had to put ears on it).

    I took the liberty of duplicating the Epcot line just in case one day it does serve the Hotels, DD and MGM studios.

    I'm no arcitect, so I hope you enjoy.

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    Monorail Station


    I thought your rendition of the WDW Monorail Station was great. I like the style and it does look like it would have good people flow.

    Great Job!


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      At this point in time, I would love to see an entire TTC refurbishing. Take it all down, especially the ugly colorful fiber glass banners they added a few years ago (that cheapen the area terribly) and rebuild from the ground up in a more stylish way.


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        I say build something where TTC is right now (A new Deluxe resort or something) and move the TTC across the street to the old Air landing strip. Make the MK parking lot hav moving sidewalks or something like at Universal, or add in a wed way system to replace the smelly trams.


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          TTC is great.. they just need to update it and bring all of it out of the 70's & 80's....

          What about comming up with a plan to referbish the Ferry landing first.. then move over to the Epcot Monorail.... Then figureout how to do the resort/express monorail...

          (and if they really wanted.. install the gates.. just paint them green or something to be like the older ones...)


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            The TTC has definitely not aged well in form or function. It looks like the early 70s mixed with some mid-90s color/character touches. From a functional standpoint, it hasn't been a hub of WDW transport in over a decade now and often folks arrive there only to find out you can't get there from here.

            I'm not sure what should be done there, but something needs to be.


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              Well what I did was place the all the different transportation methods in a hub-like layout to try and promote the use of Pubic Transport as a easy to use method of getting around the park.

              I baught a new scanner today so I will upload the rest of what I did later. I'm also working on a new Team Disney Anahiem (The Yellow Has to Go...). I however love Team Disney Orlando (and the casting center... lets hope I get to go in there one day [Starts Dreaming...]).


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                The casting center has a very bad vibe to it. Can't say exactly why other than it makes you feel like an insignificant cog which ... come to think of it ... may have been the whole idea!


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                  Originally posted by WDW1974
                  The casting center has a very bad vibe to it. Can't say exactly why other than it makes you feel like an insignificant cog which ... come to think of it ... may have been the whole idea!
                  It's whimsical... But doesn't tread over that fine line that makes me hate Micheal Graves.

                  What do you think of this as a tickting center? (Note : Large Files)


                  It's ment to feel a lot more open than the current one.

                  I think what should happen at WDW is make everybody park at a certain set of TTC's and force the use of Public Transport to get around.


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