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Cindy's Castle--pink???


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  • Cindy's Castle--pink???

    :confused: Often, I hear people refer to the "Pink Castle" or "Cake Castle" that was at WDW? When was that? Was it just Cinderella's Castle redone or something?

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    walt disney worlds 25th anniversery... it took them soo long to build... it had giant candy and b-day candles on it


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      Was it ugly? And photos of it during construction?

      25th Anniv. would be 1996 right?


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        IMO it was ugly, and they didn't even do the back! (which could be considered a good thing )


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          Oh the Pepto-Abysmal Castle... Awful to say the least. Gave me indigestion just looking at it. Even Eisner publicly asked Herb to forgive him for what they did to the castle at the 25th anniversary kickoff ceremony.


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            It was the true start of the dumbing down/WalMarting of WDW.


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              Originally posted by WDW1974
              It was the true start of the dumbing down/WalMarting of WDW.

              to me it always sounded like a good idea gone bad

              oh well

              does anyone think that they should try different paint schemes with WDW's castle?
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                Originally posted by Jspider
                does anyone think that they should try different paint schemes with WDW's castle?
                N Y E T

                N O N

                N I C H T

                N E I

                that's EPCOT for no thanks


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                  Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
                  Was it ugly?
                  You be the judge (made me *puke*)
                  Pic 1
                  Pic 2
                  Pic 3 (kinda large but a good close up)

                  Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
                  And photos of it during construction?
                  None that I could find.

                  Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
                  25th Anniv. would be 1996 right?
                  Yes, thats correct. And if I rember correctly (God it's been so long) it even smelled like cake as you walked by.

                  It was a hidious looking eye sore IMO.

                  Hope the pics help.


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                    YUCK! that is gross, you're all right!


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                      The Cakestle was one of the worst marketing schemes in history! I think it is one of the most putrid things I have ever seen!
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                        I thought it looked quite delicious.


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                          SCREAM again!

                          Even the concept art of this thing was pretty terrible. From the pictures, I thought they did a nice job of overlaying it so much that it didn't even look like the original building anymore, but the color choice was bad (why not a white and blue cake, make it over to look like a cake version of the original castle, with frosting and flowers everywhere?) but the giant candys and fake-looking candles didn't help. Cake smell is a nice touch, though.

                          I didn't know they didn't decorate the backside, though. How cheap! They shouldn't have stopped there, they should have redecorated Cindarella's Royal Table with sponge foam and a custard river flowing through. :lol:

                          Maybe it'll be WDW's 50th, or maybe it won't, but don't get too comfortable. CastleCake still waits underneath WDW, lurking to arise once again...


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                            Originally posted by MickeyMania
                            I didn't know they didn't decorate the backside, though.

                            I could have sworn they did the whole thing.


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                              Well does anyone have photos of the backside during that time (meaning, the un-caked backside)? It seems weird that they wouldnt do that back.


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                                I vaguely remember this being really ugly, but had completely forgotten
                                how bad it was!!

                                Thanks for reviving that neuron......


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                                  Just say NO to Pink Castle Cake!
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                                    The castle was a nice idea, and if you go to Disney often it looked kinda cool seeing it that way. If this was a once in a lifetime trip though, it probably looked really ugly. Also horrible to anyone getting married there.

                                    WDW's other overlays looked a lot nicer though (Current 50th design, TPd design).

                                    Also, this was not Disney's first cake castle. FOr DLP's first anniversary, they caked that castle (although, there's looked a lot different because they kept the turret tops and it was a darker pink.

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                                      whats tpd stand for?

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                                        Originally posted by Evan-500
                                        whats tpd stand for?
                                        Toilet Papered (Stitch did it)

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