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Question about Movies resort

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  • Question about Movies resort

    Boy I seem to be posting alot this afternoon. Canada has a holiday today so I guess I'm using my time wisely (wink wink)

    The day after we checked in to our room we noticed mold in our bathroom - now, a little mold wouldn't have bugged us but this was ridiculous. There was mold everywhere. On the wall paper, in the corners, along the bottom base boards, in the corner of the bath, even on the back of the door where the hinges are.

    We complained and asked if housekeeping would take a look. The manager came out and offered to move us but my wife said no it was ok - (she didn't want to make a big deal of it just wanted to have it removed). we were told that he would call housekeeping and have them go back to our room that day.

    That night when we came back nothing had been done so the next day my wife talked to the concierge manager again and again he said he would get house keeping back to fix it.

    DAY 4 and still nothing was done. Finally after talking to the head of house keeping and my wife telling them how extremely disappointed she was with the situation they finally came.

    i guess my questions is - what's going on. My wife and I have been going down for years, stayed at a different hotel each year and have never had any problems let alone 4 days to resolve an issue.

    They refunded us a night's stay (which isn't why we complained) but we were left with an odd feeling of "who gives a crap" that we have never had with Disney staff before.

    What really confused us at the time is that we went in May - certainly not high traffic time at all so we can't figure out what the problem was.

    I guess I don't really have a question more or a vent I suppose.
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    Re: Question about Movies resort

    The more that I hear about All Stars Resorts lately, the more that I am thinking that I do not want to stay there. I haven't ever stayed there, and I was wanting to give it a try in the future. Now, I am sure for every bad experience, there are probably hundreds of good ones. I would have taken them up on their offer to be moved to a different room. Disney vacations cost a lot of money, and you should be happy in your room. Hope that the rest of your vacation was pleasant.


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      Re: Question about Movies resort

      O_O WHOA! Man, I sympathise with you! When we went we had a pretty ok time, I mean, we went for the parks, not the hotel, but what happened to you still bites the big one

      =/ sorry


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        Re: Question about Movies resort

        I've had good and bad stays at the All Star Resorts. The main problems have been with the transportation and food, not with the rooms themselves. However, Florida is a very humid state, I can see how mold would be a problem if not addressed promptly. I'm surprised that they waited so long to clean it up for you. I'm also surprised that they even allowed you to remain in a room with a mold problem (for health reasons - although not all mold is a health hazard).

        Sounds like the one free night was a fair reimbursement for your trouble.

        Here is my suggestion, when you check into a room, always look it over before you settle in. If you aren't happy with it (not clean, smells like smoke, not as promised, etc.) simply demand another room before you get unpacked. Unless the hotel is 100% booked, they will make accommodation for you.

        Disney is usually very good about these issues and I'd imagine that a well worded letter to the general manager of the resort would be much appreciated by him/her.
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          Re: Question about Movies resort

          On one hand, they should have done more and you should tell them so.

          On the other hand, you should have taken their offer to move to another room. From what I've read, it's pretty much the standard retort to problems in rooms (from mold to bugs) to try and get them out and then shut down the room to fix it. I read one report of a guy who reported seeing one roach in his bathroom, and employees arrived with guys in hazard suits. He was asked to move out and given a new room, and the hazard suits went to work.

          If a guest insists on not leaving, they may be more apprehensive about getting in there. I'm not sure. Still, you should file a complaint letter of some kind.


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            Re: Question about Movies resort

            I dont complain much, but might I say the housekeeping service at the all stars is horrible. We came back one night to our all star movies room after a night at MKand our hotel room door was open! The person who cleaned our room forgot to close our door. We told the concierge and he gave us these pass things for free stuff at MK. I was extremely upset.



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              Re: Question about Movies resort

              remember the all star and pop century are the value resorts, meaning sometimes you get what you pay for. but like was said before if offered another room, take it because as long as the room is occupied they will be reluctant to do anything. I mean you don't want to have something broken or missing and have the staff questioned about it. it's covering their butts.


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                Re: Question about Movies resort

                I also think it depends on your experience. I've stayed at Pop Century with wonderful results, no problems etc.. but having stayed at All Star Movies last time I was severely disappointed that I sent an email to Disney and I am just not that type of person.

                From what I've read the Value resorts are a little more lax in their approach but at the same time, minus my experience with the maintenance woman they are also very accomodating should an issue arise.


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                  Re: Question about Movies resort

                  My experience at the All Star Movies was fine. The rooms was clean, the service was prompt. I guess it all depends on when you go. We had no isssues, with bugs or mold, or otherwise. Sorry to hear about that. i would have relocated.
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                    Re: Question about Movies resort

                    I usually stay in the moderate hotels at a minimum, but I've stayed at both All Stars and Pop Century with no problems with the room. And although they are value resorts, that might reduce my expectations on the room size, overall theme, and dining options, but being Disney, I would still expect them to service the rooms promptly, especially with an issue like mold.


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                      Re: Question about Movies resort

                      Sorry you had a bad experience. I have never stayed at the All Stars but did stay at the POP once and never had any issues (at any Disney hotel). I think it has been best summed up best already you should always inspect your room (Disney hotel or not) before settling in and then relocate if not up to you liking. Disney probably realized for one reason or another the room couldn't be taken care of properly so the offered to move you. If no other rooms were available anywhere on property then I don't blame you for being upset.

                      Hope you have better luck next time


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                        Re: Question about Movies resort

                        We stayed in the All Stars Movies in August 2003. The boys were so excited to stay in the "buzz and woody hotel" as they callled it :lol: when we got there we were put in the Toy Story buildings and were so excited. :botox: The excitement stopped there.

                        Our issues, The room was not clean, I mean gum stuck on the pictures hanging on the wall not clean.
                        We went to use the pool and there was garbage that people left behind EVERYWHERE
                        After using the pool, all of us itched so bad for hours, even after showering.
                        The final straw..bugs, I mean mondo ginormous roaches. At first just right at the door, which was just icky but not in the room, we let the front desk know. The next morning our friends from outside decided to join us inch: ew ew ew. Went to the front desk to let them know about the bugs IN the room and they wouldn't do anything, just told us it was Florida and they had bugs. Then my husband tolld them he wanted to check out and move to a different resort. They told him every resort in WDW was booked solid and we couldn't move. So I dug out the phone book, called the outside like for WDW reservations found 5 or so different resorts with vacancies. Took the list to the front desk and was moved to the Carribbean Beach, the front desk took care of the check out and switch albeit extrememe grundgingly.

                        Once we got to Carribbean Beach, it was a totally different story, Clean clean rooms, gorgeous grounds and <gasp> polite cm's!! It was a great stay, with the exception of a transportation problem one night.

                        We're going back day after tomorrow and we never gave the All Stars a second thought, I'll never stay there again.

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                          Re: Question about Movies resort

                          Dusty is right, they'd have moved you, and still a letter would be a good step to take.

                          Originally posted by MickeyMania
                          On the other hand, you should have taken their offer to move to another room. From what I've read, it's pretty much the standard retort to problems in rooms (from mold to bugs) to try and get them out and then shut down the room to fix it.
                          I have to agree. Had you moved rooms you would have been happy in a clean room, and they could have just nuked the mold without worrying about the fact that you would go to use the toilet in 30 mintues.


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                            Re: Question about Movies resort

                            kinda glad I cancelled our plans to stay at the movie resort, now. EEK! I don't "do" bugs. I'm a clean freak/germaphobe, those problems would have ruined my whole vacation.


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                              Re: Question about Movies resort

                              My mom and I stayed at the All-Star Music Resort in Sept. '99. We didn't have any problems, but it may be that the caliber of staff has gone down in the last few years. I will say that the rooms were very small, although clean and adequate. My mom and I are pretty low-maintenance, had low expectations, and were left with a neutral impression of the place. Not good, not bad.

                              Fast forward to Oct. '03 - my mom and I stayed at the Caribbean Beach resort. Wow. It was well worth the additional cost. The CMs were all SO friendly and professional. Every day we had fresh towels, including hand towels folded into cute little animal shapes. My aunt (who lives in Miami) was meeting us halfway through our stay. We asked the front desk if it would be a problem for them to bring us a rolling bed for her to stay on, since our room only had one king. No problem - they didn't even charge us for the bed. Our room was a little far from the central hub where the food court was, but that was not a hardship when you could walk on grounds that were so nicely kept. When we go back, we will definitely stay in a moderate or deluxe - no more of the value resorts for us!
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