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transportation question - 2 part


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  • transportation question - 2 part

    Just wondering. how hard would it be for Disney to get transportation from resort to resort?

    we found it to be a pain in the butt when we had dinner reservations at other hotels and we had to go to a park to transfer to another bus just to get to another hotel for dinner.

    we knew this before and set our reservation times early but it meant that we couldn't have a late dinner in case we missed the last bus to eg Studio's to get the last bus back to our hotel.

    i realize that one bus couldn't go to one other hotel but couldn't they set something up that one bus would go to all the resorts in the Epcot area?

    my other question with regards to the mono rail - we love it and think the should build more either connecting all the parks or the area resorts to that park ie a circle between Animal Kingdom, Animal Kingdom Resort Coronado Springs and All Star Resort. It may be way too much to have everything connected but at least connecting all the park would make it easier for people using the park hopper instead of being at animal kingdom and having to go back to some resort just to go to Epcot to see the fireworks.

    A park to park route could look like this.

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    Re: transportation question - 2 part

    It uses up a lot of buses, and a Monorail line would be huge. You missed several hotels in your line, as well.

    You have to schedule some time. The current method allows you to use theme parks as transfer hubs, although I don't know until what time. After 8PM I start using DTD as my transfer hub, because I don't know how many more buses will be servicing a park like DAK that closes at 5. Hehe.


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      Re: transportation question - 2 part

      We didn't have a problem with it, as we planned on being in a park beforehand anyway. We had a bigger problem going from park to park.

      And some useless trivia, straight from one of the WDW bus drivers. (We had a late night bus from Downtown Disney about 1 in the morning, and the driver spewed nothing but trivia.)

      There are 1100 bus drivers at the WDW resort.
      They rotate on shifts between the 266 buses that are running at any one time.

      Also, one of the monorail CMs told me that each monorail has a capacity of 300 people.


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        Re: transportation question - 2 part

        Your monorail goes right through Animal Kingdom, through no less than eight service areas, travels in the middle of a golf course and goes through a swamp. Somehow I don't think that's a good idea.

        I would love to see the monorails expanded. And eventually they will be I'm sure. (or another form or transportation will be added) But that plan just isn't a good idea.

        As for your transportation concerns, you can get anywhere on WDW property until 2am. So don't worry about transportation. It may take a while to get there, but you always can.


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          Re: transportation question - 2 part

          At the current price of monorail expansion I just don't see them doing it. The monorail isn't quite the attraction drawer it once was, so the return on that investment just won't seem big enough for it. They may build another hotel along the line somewhere and make another monorail hotel, but I highly doubt we'll see the monorail connect to the other parks as nice as it would be.


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            Re: transportation question - 2 part

            It's a good idea, when you are planning your itinerary for a vacation, to take into consideration where you will be, before making Priority Seatings for your meals. I usually set up my itinerary by the early mornings that I want to attend. The unpark things that I want to do, like for instance Mini Golf. Then I see what meals are close by, and I go from there.

            Also there are buses that go from Park to Park. Follow the signs at the theme parks.


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              Re: transportation question - 2 part

              The monerail being expanded just isn't likely. To costly to do and just not very feasible. And like captsmith84 said you can get to any hotel until at least 2am since DTD (PI) is open till then. You just need to plan things out in advance. We used the water taxi service POFQ to DTD when we spent the day at Typhoon Lagoon. Instead of going back to Pop then to DTD we just hoped the PO bus and then to water taxi to DTD. Take the time to plan and you can do anything.
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                Re: transportation question - 2 part

                My wife and I took a taxi from POFQ to Animal Kingdom Lodge and it cost $20 we then went from there to whichever park had EMH to hit a few attractions. Another day we did the same to the Polynesian and it cost $15. For us it was worth it.


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