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    One thing that I was thinking about after reading this and riting what I did is that Disney must wrestle with upgrading/tweaking older rides and building new rides.

    Because alot of their rides are considered "classic" it must be hard for them to adjust them without some sort of public outcry. I guess if they keep the crying down to a minimum then they no they've successfully pulled off the upgrade.

    I remember when there was talk of Madam Leotta's head being replaced with Jennifer Tilly's face after the horrible Haunted Mansion movie came out. There seemed to be a big concern overthem totally ruining the ride.

    It must be tough for imagineers not to anger the purists but still make enough changes to keep things fresh.



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      I don't think the average WDW guest in 2005 even has a clue what a 'classic' attraction is, let alone why it got to be one.


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        it's interesting in that Disneyland has alot of locals and yet you arn't hearing any outcry on these recent updates they're doing

        the question is will it be a tacky update that totaly throws off the feeling of the origional or seems to mock or spite it or will it be something more modern that seems like it's been there all along *floating leota*

        it's not as hard to market these upgrades as you might think

        take the money spent on one multimillion Eticket divide it up add upgrades to HM, Pirates, Jungle Cruise and new effects to Space

        launch em off like Paris did "Space Mountain Mission II" and do a commercial with Tinkerbell using her wand on attractions to completly redo them

        tell people there is new magic and suprises awaiting them in all of their old classics

        add in a nice little decoration overlay and bam totaly new experience
        "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


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          Originally posted by WDW1974
          And most of all, he has been the head honcho as a once dynamic, amazing, huge park has begun to feel smaller and empty in parts that once pulsed with life.
          Nice to be able to read your posts again, my friend.

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            Originally posted by Labuda
            Nice to be able to read your posts again, my friend.
            And nice to have you around to keep me honest!

            Now, if you could just get old DVCer Dave over here ... and wacky Trippy ...


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              Obviously I meant *nothing* to you! Hmmmm....


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