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A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue


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  • A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

    Found a nice couple videos. I thought since I enjoyed watching them you would too.

    Part one:

    Part two:

    Part three:

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    Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

    Ok that just freakin' rocked.


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      Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

      Wow, I remember watching that as a kid. My parents still have it on video somewhere in there collection.

      Great memories!
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        Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

        I still have it ... in Beta!


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          Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

          ^^Beta? Wowza!

          Thanks for sharing these links. I enjoy vintage travelogues of WDW and hadn't seen this one yet. Thanks again!


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            Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

            I can even beat Beta on this. By about 5 years!

            95% of that tape that was sold in the Park was from a theatrical featurette from 1972, which I wrote about earlier this year on another Disney board:

            Originally posted by Opus1guy
            But one double feature(tte) that really sticks out in my mind was one that I only watched one of the films. It was Disney's "Snowball Express" double featured with "The Magic of Walt Disney World."

            The Magic of Walt Disney World was a great half-hour featurette that was released and advertised along with Snowball Express in movie theaters all over the country. It was basically a travelogue about the brand new Walt Disney World in Florida. I think Ron Miller produced it.

            I wanted all my family and friends to see what Disney had accomplished in Florida, so I made a deal with my local theater manager (a few comp Disneyland tickets go a long way ) to bring in anyone I wanted, whenever I see just this 30 minute film. We'd watch the featurette and then leave before the main film (I never did see Snowball Express!).

            It was a very exciting little film at the time. Walt Disney World's opening was quite big news in those days. Whenever I'd see those shots of the Polynesian up on the big movie theater screen...I swear I could just smell the fragrances of her lobby again!

            They also eventually used various scenes from this featurette in the souvenir 8mm films they sold in the Park. But I'd love to see the full film again today. It's likely a great historical "snapshot" of the property when it first opened.

            God...I saw that film so many times, that I still remember the upbeat (yeah...and sappy) theme song and lyrics sung by some Kids of the Kingdom/Lawrence Welk type group! "The magic of Disney...magic of Disney...The magic of Walt Disney World! To climb to the very top of your highest dreams!" It was a catchy tune. Wonder if was a Sherman Brothers piece? Had to have been Buddy Baker arranging. Where's Randy Thornton when I need him?
            They later took this film...tacked on a new intro and some new footage featuring the little girl...renamed it "A Dream Called Walt Disney World"....and sold it as a Park Souvenir Video.

            Thanks for the was sure fun watching it again!


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              Re: A Dream Called Walt Disney World:1980 Travelogue

              I have it on VHS still.......
              ...a vaguely celtic music fills the air...


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