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Coronado Springs Resort


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  • Coronado Springs Resort

    I will be staying there for one week starting tomorrow, and I am looking for input from other Coronado visitors.

    Did you enjoy your stay?
    What was the best/worst thing about the resort?
    How are the restaurants in the hotel?
    Is the bus service to the parks reliable?

    I was also wondering if they have pay internet terminals in the resort. I know the WDW website says there is wireless internet, but what does that even mean? You can connect to their network if you have a laptop? OR are there laptops available for use?

    Thanks a bunch!!!

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    Re: Coronado Springs Resort

    We just got back from Coronado this past Friday!
    It was a very pretty resort. We enjoyed our stay for the most part, we had some issues with check in but enjoyed the resort itself.
    The best thing was the relaxing grounds, the pretty lake etc.
    The worst thing, for us, was the customer service, at least for the first two days
    There is a little store with premade sammiches, the chicken caesar wrap was good! The Pepper Market is the counter service In our group we had people try the chinese food which they liked, mexican food which no one liked, the pasta again no one liked, the pizza and calzone which were okay and the bugers also okay. Some people say the set up is confusing, we had no problems at all with it, it was very easy
    There also is counter service at the main pool, nachos, burgers and stuff. We got a counter service meal there, ceasar wrap and it was good.
    We never tried the Maya Grill, it was booked the entire time that we were there.
    Bus service was spotty. There were always buses for MK, Epcot and MGM but it was harder to get a bus to DTD, Typhoon Lagoon and AK.

    Here's a link to my trip report and it has a few shots of the Coronado!
    Have a wonderful trip!!!

    Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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      Re: Coronado Springs Resort

      Stayed there in February and really enjoyed it! :thumbup:

      Best thing: Atmosphere and theming. Very relaxing, clean environment. The pools were all very nice, although we didn't swim because it was too cold. Go figure. Too cold to swim in Florida!

      Worst thing was the size of the grounds. Lotsa walking! One way around this is to use the free shuttle service - CM's cruise around in golf carts and will pick you up if you're at one of the buildings far from the main building. You can call concierge if you need a pickup at a certain time. I would tip the drivers pretty well. I guess their hourly wage is pretty pathetic.

      Pepper Market was good. Everything we ate there was somewhere between OK and good. Nothing we had was "bad". Tried steaks, burgers hot dogs, fish tacos and pizza.
      Didn't get to Maya Grill either. Could have, but the menu didn't look very "kid friendly", so went to Pepper Market instead. Maybe we'll try Maya Grill on a future trip when the kids are older and are willing to try something other than hot dogs, burgers and the like.

      Bus service was fine. Longest wait was maybe 20 minutes, with the average time closer to 5 minutes. Then again, we were there Feb. 8-13, which is typically a slow time for WDW.

      I believe you'll have to bring your own laptop for internet service. I don't remember seeing any pay terminals anywhere, nor do I remember seeing any laptop rental service. Then again, CS is a big convention hotel, so there might be terminals in the convention area. I would call them to confirm this.

      All in all, I'd recommend CS and will likely stay there again on a future trip.

      Have fun!

      Oh, BTW, didn't have any troubles at all with service. All the CM's there were very good.


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        Re: Coronado Springs Resort

        I stayed there about 3 years ago and really enjoyed it, service was great too resort was well kept. I wasn't expecting much from the resort, in fact when planning the trip it wasn't my choice to stay there. But it was my favorite moderate resort so far, (despite the crazy inlaws we travelled with....NEVER again will I do that)

        The grounds were spacious and the pools were fun (I particularly enjoyed the volleyball game we got going). Hammocks scattered around the resort were relaxing in the evening as were the hot tub which was available late at night.

        Maya Grill if I remember right had a nice breakfast buffet and the Pepper Market was alright.


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          Re: Coronado Springs Resort

          The Coronado Springs Resort is by far my favorite of the moderates - I even prefer it over many of the deluxe's! Your rooms are spread out around the 15-acre Lago Dorado Lagoon (picture a smaller World Showcase kind of layout). There are boats to rent for the lagoon and a variety of bikes for cruising around the walkway. It's maybe a 10 minute walk from the farthest rooms to the central area. The solution to this is to get a room near to the front. My favorite area is the Casitas section - lots of fountains and courtyards and topiaries - very very nice for a moderate.

          The main pool is Aztec themed with a huge pyramid waterfall that encompasses a small water slide. There's a bar and food counter by the main pool. There are also other "quiet" pools in each of the room areas.

          The food court puts out a really good breakfast - haven't tried other meals there. The service is a bit different. You go to several different food stations, taking your ticket along with you. You get your items, and then they stamp the ticket. There is a server to bring drinks to you. You pay at the checkout counter, and 10% is automatically added (kind of a gripe, as 10% is awfully high for someone who just brings a drink!).

          This is a convention hotel, but the convention center is on the opposite side of the central area, and the convention folks mostly stay over there during the day. They do have wireless service in the rooms, which will cost you around $12 a day to access, and you do have to have your own computer. There is a business center in the convention side, and perhaps you can access terminals there for free or a nominal fee.

          I always bring a car, so I can't comment on busses.



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            Re: Coronado Springs Resort

            I've been there briefly--
            Yes, I enjoyed my stay very much!
            Best things: Pleasant and unique theming, the food court, and pool.
            The food court is real departure from dining at other Disney hotels and the food is very good. The Aztec theming at the pool is pretty darn awesome, with the pyramid waterfull and slide.
            Worst thing: Location. Perhaps I'm spoiled because I usually stay at the Boardwalk or Beach Club, but this seemed out of the way. I miss being able to hop on the monorail or walking to MGM/Epcot.
            I don't remember anything particular about the bus service, which probably means I didn't have any problems.


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              Re: Coronado Springs Resort

              Stayed there last March.
              Good stuff: Excellent theming, the Dig Site was one of my favorite spots there.
              Bad stuff: Bus transportation might be a little trouble. Out of inpatience from waiting for a MK bus, my dad and I just decided to take one to Epcot and take the Monorail from there. Only other troubles were that the key cards were mucked up the first night as they somehow got demagnetized between the Lobby and our room at the Ranchos section. Got replacement cards and everything was a-okay. That and the car needed a jump the night we left. Could have been just from sitting out there for several days.
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