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Rock 'n' Roller Coaster� Starring Aerosmith & MGM


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  • Rock 'n' Roller Coaster� Starring Aerosmith & MGM

    First off let me say I like this ride a lot. It's a heck of a ride and I think it's done pretty well overall. But my question is this:

    What does it have to do with the Disney-MGM Studios?

    I mean it's supposed to be a movie-themed park right? How *exactly* does a ride themed around a 70's & 80's rock band fit into that theme? This has bugged me for a while now. And I'm being serious here, it's not just a rant. What is Disney's reasoning/explaination for this? Cause it seems to me they're stretching theming to a whole new level here.

    I think it's a great ride and pretty well-executed, by why in MGM? Granted it wouldn't fit anywhere else, right? Doesn't fit in DAK, Epcot, or the MK, so I guess Disney-MGM was the only choice... Did they feel they needed a coaster in the park? Then why an Aerosmith? Why not theme is to something more in tune with a *Movie-themed THEME park*?

    I understand Aerosmith did some songs for the Disney/Touchstone movie Armageddon, but is that really enough to justify this kind of *weak* synergy?
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    I think that MGM is not JUST about movies. I think the studios have evolved into a park themed to ALL entertainment. Not just movies. I admit, it was first only movies, but now it has branched out into television and music. Look at ToT, that was a tv show. Why not put another form of entertainment in there?
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      I think it fits as well as anything else in the park. People visit studios to get a look at what Hollywood is like. The recording studio queue of RnR fits in with what people think happens in Hollywood. Add in being able to have all access at a big rock concert works too.
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        So what is the theme of the Disney-MGM Studios now?
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          I have yet to ride, but aren't you taking a whirlwind trip through Hollywood? I'm not real sure, but it seems to me that I read somewhere that Hollywood had something to do with movies . . .


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            Ya know you may be right there danyoung. My feeble memory braincells may have forgotten that. It went by so darn fast. lol.
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              Actually, it does fit the studios theme.

              The original theming of Sunset Blvd. is one of a bustling starlit town, complete with movie sets, theaters, shops, working studios and yes, even a grand hotel to house all of the stars while they are shooting thier new movie on the backlot, recording their new record at the studios or performing in their next big play/musical (like B&tB). Sadly, that hotel fell in disrepair after a horrific and bizarre lightening storm, yet the rest of the town has managed to survive adn continue in its artists splendor.

              Rocking Roller coaster is supposed to represent the music part of this illusion.

              I can elaborate in length, but you get the idea.



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                  RNRC fits with the current idea of the park... the "studios" goes from movies to Tv to music.. to radio....

                  The Walt disney Studios version fits the themeing better by being a new music video.... MGM's is just traveling through hollywood to get to the concert before it ends.. hence why you blast through taffic on your own senic route to get there....


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                    Here's another question: What does this ride have to do with Disney Studios Paris? (and what does Disney Studios Paris have to do with anything?) :confused:


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                      The studios is filming Aerosmith's new music video on their lot... hence why the coaster is themed like that... thought has the same layout....

                      WDW's is a recording studio/a road trip to their latest concert... MGM is a studio of all traits.... WDS is a film studio.....


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