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I need restaurant ideas, please!


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    Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

    OK, I know I started this thread a while ago but I think we have made a decision but would like any extra input someone might have on Narcoosee(sp?) We decided on this after considering going to Epcot but decided it would probably be best to stay as close to our room and daughters as possible. After looking at the description online my husband thinks this would be our best choice. Has anyone eaten here recently and have any info on the menu? Thanks again for everyone's input!
    Originally posted by larasound
    am I the burrito man?


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      Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

      Haven't eaten there but here is the menu:

      Menu Date: September 2006
      Narcoossee's Crab Cakes - Remoulade and Fresee slaw $12.00
      Prince Edward Island Mussels with white wine, roasted garlic, tomatoes, basil and parmesan cheese $15.00
      Zucchini-Mascarpone Ravioli - saffron-tomato broth $11
      Fried Calamari with a peppercini dressing $12.00
      Chilled Shrimp - cucumber avocado salsa $13.00
      Frisee, Watercress and Apple Salad - white cheddar, candied walnuts and apple cider vinaigrette $9.00
      Romaine Hearts with Caesar dressing and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese $9.00
      Heirloom Tomato-Blue Cheese Crostinin Salad - red onion, basil, chives, and red wine viniagrette $12.00
      Seafood Chowder with fish and shellfish, potatoes, and cream $9
      Grilled Sea Scallops - sweet corn risotto with lobster sauce and herb oil $32
      Roasted Atlantic Halibut - Creole tomato sauce and citrus sticky rice $32
      Grilled Wild Salmon - Mashed Yukon gold potatoes, wilted chard, tasted pistachios and Madeira-saffron sauce $36
      Seared Five Spice Ahi Tuna - stir fry vegetables, soba noodles and soy-mirin glaze $34
      Grilled Beef Filet Mignon and Butter-Poached Lobster Tail - potato gratin, asparagus and green peppercorn brandy sauce $52
      Steamed Whole Maine Lobster - drawn butter and roasted asparagus $54.00
      Tanglewood Chicken Breast - balsamic-bacon lentils, Swiss Chard, and Clementine emulsion $26.00
      Red Pepper-Mushroom Risotto - sauteed Swiss chard, mushrooms, and asparagus $19


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        Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

        Thanks for that! My husband will have fun drooling over it!
        Where did you find it? And does anyone know if it has changed since then or if it will change?
        Originally posted by larasound
        am I the burrito man?


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          Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

          I like the San Angel Inn, Boma, 'ohana, House of Blues

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            Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

            From last week on the MiceChat Invasion I heard great things about California Grill and that restaurant next to Boma in the AK lodge.. starts with a J... hrmmmm

            I did eat breakfast at Boma, which was great, but I wish there were more african dishes there for the breakfast buffet. I hear WONDERFUL things about their lunch/dinners, especially if you like to be a little adventurous.

            Last I would like to caution you about Ohana. Ate there for my birthday with the MiceChatters (34 of us) -- while the food was tasty, the service was ABYSMAL.

            Apparently "Ohana" means "family", and "family" means "get it your damn self".

            There were people in my party who couldn't get their iced tea refilled after asking twice AND speaking to the manager. AND STILL DIDNT GET THEIR ICED TEA REFILLED. I had members of my party asking for water multiple times, then finally walking to an area where there were water pitchers and refilling their own drinks.
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              Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

              Originally posted by herb2linda View Post
              Grilled Wild Salmon - Mashed Yukon gold potatoes, wilted chard, tasted pistachios and Madeira-saffron sauce $36



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                Re: I need restaurant ideas, please!

                Animal Kingdon lodge
                bome to me is a buffets place with a lot of people and familys
                some time hard to get in without Reservation

                Same area
                Jiko (the coking place)
                African touch of food and wines.
                Must reservation

                I do not know when you are going but if a in short time (pass 60 days)
                some place are hard to get in.

                One I think of is Calif, Grill ever love the view.
                some of the Guide books put it number one this one you need call right at the 60 days mark for Reservation.

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