Inspired by this post, I've really got thinking about what music could go into this rumoured new 25th anniversary fireworks show for Epcot. Now we all know that the soundtrack and show itself is being developed as we speak - the name escapes me, something Dream ? - so this will never happen, but ya know, 30th anniversary maybe?

Anyway, if you didn't click the link to the post, the poster suggested doing a Remember... Dreams Come True but for Epcot - in case you've been living under a rock for the past eighteen months or you're just a faux Disney nerd, Remember is the 50th anniversary show at Disneyland using music from the park's past half-century in synchronisation with pyro, projections and other special effects among the classic fireworks. I thought this would be a great idea for Epcot's anniversary, considering the wealth of audio it has at its disposal and the iconic attractions that have fillied its roster since 1982.

So what would you suggest for placement in the show? My earliest visit to the park was 2001 so I don't have as many memories as some of the oldies we have on the boards, but I have a rough idea. Firstly, I think the order of music should be the same as Disneyland's - as Remember moved around the park clockwise around the hub, Epcot's should transfer from Future World to World Showcase with ease.

Starting perhaps with Spaceship Earth (or would it be more logical to end it with Spaceship Earth and begin with something like the Fountain of Nations?), we should move around clockwise around Future World, featuring old and new attractions, then move to World Showcase in the same fashion - I have this image of the sweeping scores to the CircleVision films set to this huge magnificent fireworks lighting up the Lagoon.

Any particular songs that you feel should hold a significance in the show? What songs from Epcot's past would you NOT like to see in the show?