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Your Greatest Disney Memories?


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  • Your Greatest Disney Memories?

    As I was posting in the 35th birthday thread I was overwhelmed with many amazing memories from Disney in my childhood. I'll give a little bit of history. My relationship with my family wasn't always great. There were a lot of arguments and other things that are not what I like to remember when I think back to my childhood, but there is one week out of every year that I can always remember back to and always bring a huge smile to my face. That is our family vacations to Disney.

    When we were in Disney for that week, we were the perfect family. It was as if somehow Tinkerbell herself had sprinkled her magic pixie dust over us and transformed us all into the Cleavers. As I thought back over those memories of life at Disney I actually had a few tears in my eyes as I remembered how absolutely wonderful they were.

    My father worked at Disney with his brother when it first opened so it was a place he always took us to and gave us his own guided tours own. I remember the smile on his face as he would tell us stories about what it was like working there. As to individual memories, these are my best.

    I remember my first ride on Space Mountain. I was 6 and it was my dad's absolute favorite ride in the park. My mom wouldn't ride it so dad took me on. I was terrified. It was so dark, and at 6 it looked so huge. The rocketships above seemed to be zooming by at a ridiculous rate of speed. I remember getting on and being so scared and almost begging dad to let us off, but I wouldn't do it. I still remember that first climb through the launch chamber and my heart beating so fast that I thought it would explode, and then the launch. My mother tells me that I begged to ride that at least 6 more times that trip and to this day it's one of my favorite rides in the park even in its rough shape.

    I remember going in the Haunted Mansion for the first time which was my dad's other favorite ride and being terrified of the ghost host, especially when the lights went out in the parlor. I grabbed onto what I thought was my dad's leg and screamed, imagine how embarassed I was when the lights came on and it was some strangers leg. lol Later on I remember how cool the hitchhiking ghosts were.

    I remember the Jungle Cruise being huge and the indians shooting at us actually scaring me. I remember the ride on the monorail through the contemporary being amazing at the time, and laughing so hard at the Country Bear Jamboree.

    I really don't know that any other place in the world has given me such consistent entertainment during my entire life. So, what special memories do you have of WDW. They can be funny, scary, or just special in some way to you.

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    Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

    What great stories and recollections from your Disney trips, kcnole!

    As for me - I still remember my first trip to WDW when I was 8. Mom, my aunt and uncle and I drove from Miami to Orlando in pouring summer rain in a tiny compact car. Even though I hated rain, I was so excited to be going to a different Disneyland that I didn't care. I remember most boarding the ferry and riding across the lagoon to the Magic Kingdom. That was magic. So different from the parking lot at Disneyland!

    Three years later, I was lucky enough to go again. This time, my mom, my aunt and I went in winter and we experienced Epcot for the first time. I marveled at literally everything because this park was so different from anything I had seen before. Seabase Alpha at the Living Seas, the Land Pavilion (LOVED the tour, esp. going through the hydroponic garden) with the revolving restaurant. The Journey into Imagination with the rainbow tunnel, Figment and Dreamfinder, and the jumping fountains. I was wowed by Horizons and Universe of Energy. And then there was World Showcase. Never mind that the fountain in the Italy Pavilion had icicles from the cold. We lost ourselves, exploring all the country pavilions. I remember my poor aunt buying an extra sweater for herself because she was so cold. Maybe Epcot isn't wasn't what it used to be, but it will always be magical for me.

    And then four years ago, I went to WDW with friends - we were a group of 10, altogether. I was the only one who had been before, so I was the unofficial tour guide. The best memory there, was seeing WDW through the eyes of my friends, as they got to experience everything for the first time.
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      Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

      Every Disney trip I take I manage to develop another great memory. Some of my fondest include:

      - Camping at Fort Wilderness and attending the campfire sing-a-long with Chip & Dale
      - Seeing SpectroMagic for the first time
      - Prancing around in a pink tutu onstage at Hoop de Doo (a bit embarrasing but very memorable none-the-less)
      - Soft-opening DisneyQuest and getting beaned in the head with a ball by my brother
      - Holding a HUGE parrot (ok, huge for an 8yr old) on what was then Discovery Island
      - Seeing the MK fireworks from the vantage of a Splash Mountain log

      But most of all I remember the camaraderie and bonding we shared as a family. It's still there even when we last journeyed to the World in October 2005. Sure, we may be much older, live many miles apart from one another, and even have started families of our own, but being in Disney together let us forget our worries, take a breather, and enjoy life. It's as though we're all young again. Our own personal Never Never Land with copious amounts of fairy dust.
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        Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

        Most of my memories come from my first trip, as I'm sure do most people's! it was during the 25th anniversary, November 1996, and it was a surprise for my 11th birthday. I opened my card that morning and inside were plane tickets to Orlando. I left for the airport an hour later. Probably my favourite memories from that trip are spending an entire day riding the Tower of Terror over and over...and over again, and also catching the very last Splash Mountain ride of the night, on our very last night. beautiful! I never thought we could afford to go again but we've been back 5 times since and our 6th time will be in 4 weeks, to celebrate my 21st birthday, exactly 10 years after our first visit!
        November 1996. Surprise birthday trip

        April 1998

        April 2000

        November 2003

        February 2005

        November 2006. My 21st birthday trip to the Grand Floridian

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          Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

          Many of my greatest memories of Walt Disney World have come about in the past few years but I suppose my greatest memory comes from my first trip with my family in 1976. I was four and a half years old and can still remember parts of that trip vividly, which is remarkable considering my young age.

          The thing I most remember is riding Peter Pan's Flight and believing that our boat was really flying. In awe of the streets of London below us I leaned over the side to get a better view and remember my mother scooping me back in so I would not fall out. It looked so real to me.

          Because the memory is so old, I didn't ride Peter Pan as an adult until last year. I was afraid that the memory would be ruined. Some friends of mine convinced me to give it a try, so I did. Happily enough, it was exactly as I remembered it!

          Here's a pic of my siblings and me on that trip. I'm the smallest one.


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            Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

            I LOVE those stories!!!

            My fav? Seeing my husband's and daughter's face the very first time they saw Cinderella Castle.

            Seeing my mom's face light up walking into the Magic Kingdom last year...

            Watching "wishes" for the first time.

            Me and my daughter running through Main Street, and Fantasy land trying to squeeze in one last Dumbo and Tea Cup ride before the fireworks.


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              Re: Your Greatest Disney Memories?

              I have to many Memories to pick that are my favorite.
              Grad Nite which riding BTM at midnight.
              Birthday Bash being in is own little parade.
              MMD watching my brother march down Main Street.
              Going to Epcot for free with mom and figgy.
              There are more and more I just find a way to have a great time every time.
              I love WDW.


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