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  • Disney Princess & Pirate Event

    So Im visiting the Resort in Feb and notice the Magic Kingdom is offering a special theme Princess & Pirates theme event during some of the evenings.Included in the event is fireworks,parade and special meet & greets and other entetainment offerings,and I decided why not so I booked for the night of Feb 8th 2007,however I just wanted to get other peoples feedback on these special events and if there are worth the extra money or not,also what attractions usually stay open later and are these rides walk ons.Just seen TDLFAN's pics of Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party and was impressed,even through I don't agree we should be paying extra to attend a event like this.Before anyone starts Im going now regardless what people say but was just interested to know your views.Anyone else going too?
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    Re: Disney Princess & Pirate Event

    the way i look at it. they have these events during the slow season when the park would be closing around 7 anyway. IF the event isn't successful, they won't do it again. years ago they had a country western weekend along the lines of the night of joy. they only did it that one time and never after that. but if you don't like what's going on you can always just ride the rides for an extra 5 hours.


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