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What is the AAA discount?


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  • What is the AAA discount?

    We have CAA which is AAA's sister company here in Canada.

    When we in WDW in May we say signs for AAA parking and i've just read about AAA members getting discounts on hotel's.

    How much is the discount? Do you have to say your CAA when you book or show them your card when you arrive? What other perks do you get?

    Wish we had known about discounts when we went in May.
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    Re: What is the AAA discount?

    For all things discount related to WDW, check out She posts all the discounts available just as soon as they are known.

    You have to book your room with the AAA/CAA discount, as well (I'm told) as showing your card when you check in.

    Also, I'd think that the CAA website would have information about the perks available with it, but since I just joined AAA, I haven't dug around to find out if that's true. (And yes, I joined it for the room discounts at WDW, the actual services are just a nice bonus!)


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      Re: What is the AAA discount?

      The discount is around 10%. We paid $265 per night including tax at the AKL with dicount, without it would've been $280 plus tax. I think the parking area requires booking a package through AAA. BTW, most restauants and shops at Universal give a discount with a AAA card.

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        Re: What is the AAA discount?

        Originally posted by ralfrick View Post
        I think the parking area requires booking a package through AAA.
        No clue, some AAA staff will say flash your card for Dimaond parking, others say you must book through them... some CMs are the same way... i dont really understand there procedure at all.


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          Re: What is the AAA discount?

          For AAA (and I guess CAA) parking, you do have to book your WDW package though AAA/CAA. You recieve a voucher for "Diamond Parking" in with your Diamond Card and package documentation from Disney. I've booked through both AAA and Disney using my AAA discount, and only when I booked though AAA did I get the parking voucher. The aforementioned Diamond Card is good for discounts of 10%, 15%, and 20% at shops, dining, and recreation locations all over the resort (my favorites are 10% at the World of Disney and 10% at the Wolfgang Puck Cafe).
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            Re: What is the AAA discount?

            You can find cheaper deals on line. The AAA discounts are garbage. Not worth the trouble.


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              Re: What is the AAA discount?

              When I was booking our trip. Sue at SMW said she could not get a better rate than CAA. You have to be a member, obviously. I find the membership pays for itself in just purchasing movie passes. The perks of booking CAA are Character Storytelling, Perfered Parking and you can book for 11 nights if you wish.
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