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Top Bad Attraction Ideas


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  • Top Bad Attraction Ideas

    This thread was originally started on another popular Disney fan site that will not be named. I thought it would be fun to bring the idea to my fellow MiceChatters for a different take on the subject. Here's my list to get things started. You can easily get the idea from these suggestions. This thread is the Walt Disney World thread. I will also post something similar on the Disneyland forum.

    Here are some possible bad ideas. A few teeter on the edge of being politically incorrect and rude, but don't rebel against them. This thread is for fun and not to be taken seriously.

    * Osbourne Spectacle of Fights featuring Ozzy and Family
    * Country Pear Jam-pourri sponsored by Smuckers
    * Spaceship Mirth narrated by Garth (Dana Carvey) Algar
    * Wonders of Fife Pavilion with Don Knotts
    * Interventions Pavilion with Robert Downey Jr.
    * Fountain of Nations at Epcot sponsored by R. Kelly
    * The Gonorrail sponsored by Christina Aguilera
    * Gotti Wars sponsored by Legitimate Businessmen
    * Trump Tower of Hair-Error
    * Rockin' Rocking Chair featuring The Rolling Stones
    * Golly! River Rapids sponsored by FEMA
    * Crash Mountain featuring the music of Peggy Lee
    * Snorin' with Al Gore
    * Buzz Aldrin's Spacey "We Actually Landed There!" Moon Landing Spin
    * Observation Station ( oh wait, they already have this ... the new biometric scan devices for fingers)
    * ImageWorks - The Tom Cruise "What If" Lab
    * The Fall of Presidents (you need to know your Presidential history
    for this one) featuring William H. Harrison, Abraham Lincoln,
    James A. Garfield, William McKinley, Warren G. Harding, Franklin D.
    Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon and hosted by Gerald R. Ford
    * Fungal Cruise sponsored by The American Podiatric Medical Association
    * Mad Me Party sponsored by Russell Crowe
    * Castaway Creek and * Mission: JOB - both sponsored by Michael

    Personally, I'd love to ride Spaceship Earth "Mirth" narrated by Garth. What a riot that would be.
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    - Walt Disney

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    Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

    Haunted mansion: the movie: The ride!

    Journey into eisner's imagination..

    Great moments with Mr Eisner, featuring the Walt disney Story..
    Now theres a combo.. a great movie and story, with a 5 minute featurette about eisner... lol


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      Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

      The Making of Me with Britney Spears
      World of Emotion with Sybil


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        Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

        This reminds me of another topic I saw,
        several years ago, on another board ~

        If a DL were built in Iran, what would be
        some of the attractions:

        Instead of Pirates of the Caribbean, it would be
        Hostages of the Persian Gulf
        Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
        An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
        Life for Me! ~ ~ ~ Melvin, Buff, and Max!!! ~~~~ Dump the Dream Suite!
        Meese-ka Moose-ka Mice-Chatter!


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          Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

          Journey Into ^YOUR^ Innerspace
          It's Tough to be a Bug, sponsored by the FBI
          Voyage Into ^YOUR^ Little Mermaid
          Journey to Jerusalem
          Maelstrom Thurman
          Mickey's Dr. Philharmagic
          Parson Yoder's Wild Ride
          20,000,000 Dollars Over the Budget
          The Many Adventures of My Cousin Vinnie
          Country Bare Jamboree
          The Haunted Corn Nugget
          The Diamond Horseshoe Salon
          Diane Sawyer's Island
          The Whoop De Frickin Doo Musical Review
          Cranium Commando Underwear Shoppe


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            Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

            How about a whole park? WDSP.


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              Re: Top Bad Attraction Ideas

              Originally posted by DizneeProfitEar View Post
              * Rockin' Rocking Chair featuring The Rolling Stones
              Oh sure, you laugh now, but that was their original intention!

              I guess this shows just what a fart I am, but if they did make RnRC a Stones ride, I would unable to avoid going on it. I'd be going into that loop with my fingers crossed.


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