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GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report


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  • GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

    it's a bit of funny irony that i just missed the MiceChat WDW INVASION , i flew home on the 22nd and the MiceChatters flew out on the 23rd.. .ha ha

    but no matter , here is the start of my 7 day report ,

    keep in mind i have been going to Disneyland all my life , and this was my first ever trip to WDW...


    Our first flight left Reno NV at 6:30 am and we arrived in Dallas around Noon thier time. Took off again and arrived in Orlando around 5:30 , just in time to take a boat from Port Orleans French Quarter to Downtown Disney to grab some food

    Me and my Girlfriend Kelsey on the plane

    Looks like Florida down there

    My brother Bryan on our Magical Express to the hotel

    The Magical Express worked like a charm for our arrival , our bags were delivered right to our rooms from the airport. Did not work so good on the way home , but i'll tell you about that later

    POFQ is amazingly themed

    The Lobby

    We arrived at the Magic Kingdom the next day just in time for the opening song thingie , quite cool

    i felt like it was kinda busy for a sunday in october

    No matter how many times you see pictures of the castle , you really cant get the scope of how big it really is untill you see it in person , it blew me away , unfortunetly most of the time we were there , they had the crane up painting it

    First stop was Pirates! i had not even seen the new effects in Disneyland yet , but it was down for " Technical Difficulties" as was Big Thunder , so we went over to the Haunted Mansion , and from the point of view of a west coaster , i must say i like the DL version much better. The streching room effect was quite lame , and the GIANT GLOWING SPIDERS were also quite lame. That said i did get a little nostalgic when i saw the old bride

    we hit up the jungle cruise , and had a funny skipper , later i relized that all 3 skippers we had throught out vacation did the EXACT SAME SPEEL . Overall i liked , and i thought the cave was a cool addition

    we checked back on BTMRR and it was up and running , it did'nt seem as fast to me as the DL version , but the mountain itself was much more impressive to look at

    after lunch at the... uh... someplace in liberty square that served chicken strips , we went over to Tommorowland , to ride SM , i really really liked this version , it was not as dark and smooth as the DL version , and i really missed the music. But man it was fast , the qeue was awesome , i loved how you could see the rockets flying by from the waiting area


    we rode the carousel of progress with about 4 other people in the theatre , it was fun hearing the great big beautifull tommorow song again

    After a ride on buzz , and a ride on the TTA also known as the PEOPLE MOVER!! we took a trip on the WDWRR and headed over to SplashMountain

    i thought this version was AMAZING , the dark drop was worlds better than the DL version

    Eventualy we got to ride pirates , the new effects looks great and the WDW pirates seemed just a touch shorter to me , we decided to end the day in tommorowland with another ride on SM and spin on the RocketJets

    a parting shot of Mainstreet a night ,

    next up is Disneys Animal Kingom aka My Favorite park of the trip

    thanks for reading... i'm still sorting out my 700+ pictures i took

    My Maleficent tattoo

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    Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

    awesome trip report so far... I love looking at these... makes me want to go back down to WDW...

    Keep em coming...


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      Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

      Your daytime pictures are absolutely fantastic. What type of camera are you using?


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        Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

        Great report! I love the pics!

        By the way, the "chicken strips place in Liberty Square" is the Columbia Harbour House.


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          Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

          Side note: TDLFAN's Disney career started at the Columbia Harbor House... which is named after a certain boat out in DL...where the restaurant was originally supposed to be at?

          Anyways... thanks for the fab photo report. Glad you had fun.


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            Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

            Awesome, you got a lot more pictures of the actual park that I did.

            So glad to hear that AK was your favorite part too. Sometimes I start to feel like I am the only one!


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              Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

              Great update. It is really making me want to get out to WDW again. It has been a while since I have been there.
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                Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                Your daytime pictures are absolutely fantastic. What type of camera are you using?
                thanks , though i am in dire need of a new camera , it is a Kodak C310

                sometimes the dark shots come out grainy because i set the camera for a longer shutter speed , to pick up the light

                anyway ,

                ANIMAL KINGDOM!!!

                by far my favorite park at WDW , the themeing is AMAZING and it has a very lush jungle feel to it , plus Diosaur and Expedition Everest are awesome


                Awesome themeing ,

                of course our first stop had to be EE , and like i said before , i have seen tons of pictures and videos of this ride. But untill you see it in person you cant tell how impressive it is.. and FAST it is

                The signature shot

                Next we headed over to AFRICA to check out the Safari , and to see some rad drummers..oh... and we had some Rum and Cokes

                These guys tore it up like crazy

                the Safari was fun ,i liked the added story of the poachers , but i could'nt help to think about when Walt wanted to put live animals in the jungle cruise , then someone told him they would just be sleeping most of the time. almost every area was animal-less , saw a few , but they were so far away that pictures were pointless , maybe we just got a bad tour , because my mom said she saw all kinds of animals right after us

                we did see an elephant

                after lunch at a nearby eatery , sorry i cant remember the name , but my rotisire chicken was top notch , we headed over to dino-land , and ran across this rad performance artist type girl covered in leaves with stilts. She would just kind of slither around and blend in to the surrouning trees , it was quite cool

                Dinosaur was very cool , some really scary parts , the dinosaur head swooping down at the end nearly made me crap my pants , fun times. Seemed to be nearly the same ride system as Indy

                the 90% complete T-Rex near the dinosaur ride..
                since the park was only open until 5 on this day , and it was almost 4:00 at this point so we decided to head over to Disney MGM studios for a spin on the Rockin Roller Coaster , and Tower Of Terror

                Once again , comparing it to the DCA version , this one is freakin huge , just look how it looms over the park , the moving forward effect was rad , and the random drops were even better , just plain rad

                Signature Rockin Roller Coaster shot , this ride was FAST , the signs- light-up-as-you-get-there effect was really cool .

                lastly we took a ride on TheGreatMovieRide which i think is somewhere behind this giant hat. the ride was kinda boring , kinda cool , we did'nt ride it again the rest of the trip

                sunset from the French Quater , i really wanted to get a picture of the MGM hollywood style lights they display from the park , but my camera is not so good in the dark so none of them turned out

                Next up EPCOT aka 2 good rides and a whole lot of food

                My Maleficent tattoo


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                  Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                  Yay Epcot!


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                    Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                    That's too bad that you didn't get to see many animals. They say sometimes that if you go earlier you will see more. We saw quite a few, I guess we were lucky. Oh and I think you ate at Tusker House if it was in Africa.


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                      Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                      Superb trip report so far!! I can't wait for the rest!!!


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                        Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                        Great trip report! Thanks for sharing

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                          Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                          Good TR so far (and maybe unlike me you'll actually finish yours).
                          “You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.” - Walt Disney


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                            Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                            I always love a first timers report the most. Great job so far, can't wait for the rest.


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                              Re: GrimmGreen First ever WDW Trip report

                              great report...I agree...your pictures are grand and I wish I could go back tomorrow. Thanks for sharing.


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