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Our Breakfast Television is there


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  • Our Breakfast Television is there

    I'm soooooo jealous.

    Our morning news program here in Toronto has sent one of their on air people down there for a week then a 4 day cruise.

    the show is from 6am - 9am and this girl is doing reports from there.

    Today she was in MK at the PotC. ohhhhh how much I wanted to be there.

    The place was EMPTY except for the news crew, cast members and a hand full of very lucky Breakfast TV watchers and their families who emailed in and were chosen to go.

    have i said how jealous i am.

    2 more days on watching her at WDW then i guess she'll do her bit on Friday on the cruise. I can't watch anymore - makes me want to say screw it and book a trip for Feb.
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    Re: Our Breakfast Television is there

    love toronto by the way (I am from vancouver but live in vegas)

    anwyays the radio people in la (when i lived there) did the same thing.. went to wwd... and broadcasted from there.. made me envious (even though I worked at DCA at the time) I have always wanted to go to florida

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