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  • Fav WDW Park

    I REALLY, REALLY LOVE Disney MGM Studios. There is something about Hollywood that has just fasinated me since I was young. I also really love RnR and ToT.

    So whats your fav????? Please explain why you like the park after you vote in the poll!
    Magic Kingdom
    Disney/MGM Studios
    Disney's Animal Kingdom
    One of the water parks
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    BDK. Ditto man, ditto.
    Two years ago, got all duded up in swing gear, and took pictures early in the morning on sunset, looked really vintage. Photoshopped in sepia tones, they looked awesome.

    I'll see if I can't track them down.


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      After much swaying between Epcot and MK, I eventually went with MK... just because it is all about the Disney spirit.

      This princess needs her castle!


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        I had to go with EPCOT, hands down. It was the one truly unique expereince I had on my whirlwind trip last year.
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          EPCOT to me has always been my favourite. Blame it on Spaceship Earth. My first visit to EPCOT (and WDW) was in 1994, and the song "Tomorrow's Child" (when they still had it!) clinched my love for this park the best.


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            The closer my Wife and I get to 40, the more we love Epcot. I guess it is the slower pace, and the beer and wine every 40 paces!

            Although my 5 year old is very much in favor of MK! Another Disneyphile in the works! Her 19th trip is in 2 weeks! (Our 19th also )


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              MGM... Where else can you be with non disney caracters and do things..... (well now some are disney characters...)


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                I decided to vote before looking at what everyone else said. I didn't even have to think about it. I love EPCOT. It seems like I end up there almost every night on most trips. Such a great place to stroll and have dinner. Simply beautiful (World Showcase at least).
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                  I have to agree with you Dusty. If they would refurb the whole Epcot park I could just stay in there for days, even though I REALLY, REALLY like the thrills ride of MGM. I hope that one day Epcot can get back to the magic that Walt once designed it to be, even though it was supposed to be a city when Walt planned it!
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                    I wish World Showcase would get a redo. Don't get me wrong, I love EPCOT, but I tend not to wander much into the World Showcase.


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                      Although every park has it plus points, I'd have to follow the crowd and plump for Epcot - purely because of World Showcase.
                      It's such a interesting place to explore (each time I discover something new), but MGM is a close second.

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                        I dunno! I really wanted to vote for Disney-MGM Studios because I just love being there, or the water parks because Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach are amazing, but I ended up voting for Magic Kingdom.

                        It was my first experience of a Disney park (as it usually is for most people), and although I wasn't blown away on my first encounter over the years I have grown to love it. I could spend half the day just strolling around Main Street, looking at the all the little quirks, or people watching, instead of riding Space Mountain - like most people in my age group would. But Space Mountain always helps
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                          I voted for the Disney MGM Studios. The architecture of the park.

                          The Main enterance of the park with the styling of the Pan Pacific Auditorim entrance in LA. Which burnt down many years ago.

                          The Sunset Blvd area captures the essence LA and Hollywood for me. The look feel of the Farmers Market,The landscaping around the Beauty and the Beast theater, the shops with there art deco design, and the Grandure of the Hollywood Tower of Terror Hotel at the end of the street.

                          The numerous themed resturants.
                          The Prime Time Diner
                          Mama Melrose
                          Sci Fi Drive In
                          The elegance of the Brown Derby with it's period tile work foyar.

                          I do have to agree with Dusty about EPCOT. I to end up there almost every night I am at WDW. Grabing at pint at the Crown and Rose and the last ride of the evening on Mission Space to cap off the night.
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                            I'm going to have to say MK. I liked Splash Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Bear Country Jamboree and I enjoyed my lunch at Cinderella's table (eating in the castle was enjoyable). Their HM and POTC pale in comparison to DL's.
                            I liked AK, but there didn't seem to be enough to do when I went when it first opened, and there was no shade to be found in certain areas. Lots of walking.
                            MGM was okay, but outside of ToT and a couple of the eateries there, it left me dry.
                            Epcot is a close second. Like Dusty said, the World Showcase is beautiful.


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