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Unbuilt Disneyland Attractions


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  • Unbuilt Disneyland Attractions

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to share these unbuilt concepts and attractions for Disneyland from this great new book I bought called "Disneyland: Now, Then and Forever".

    Casey Jr. Circus Train was originally going to be a roller coaster and in another rendering, it was going to go down the tracks of "Rock Candy Mountain", basically, a mountain made of candy.

    Storybook Land Canal Boats was inteneded to be a waterfall ride where you slide down Monstro's mouth.

    "Adventures in Science" was going to be in Tomorrowland. It was an exhibit on the history os Science.

    "Duck Bump" was going to be in Fantasyland. It was a bumper boats attraction, similar to Flying Saucers, but in water.

    Many lands were proposed as well, such as:

    "Discovery Bay" featuring "Voyage thru Time Boat Ride", where u get on a boat and pass through primeval world full of dinosaurs. Another attraction in this land was "Spark Cap Electric Coaster", my guess is a coaster that goes in a loop.

    "Dumbo's Circusland" featuring "Dumbo's Circus" and "Mickey's Madhouse, these were supposed to be two basic Disney style dark rides.

    "International Street" featuring many shops, similar to Main Street, except not so American.

    "Liberty Street" featuring "The Hall of Presidents", this attraction was originally intended for this land in 1958 but became a part od the Magic Kingdom in 1971.

    "China Town" featuring an A-A show hosted by Confucious. Confucious was going to be the first human audio-animatrnonicS figure ever.

    "Edison Square" featuring "Harnessing the Lightning", an A-A show dedicated to Thomas Edison and his creations.

    Which one of these unbuilt attractions would you have wanted to come to Disneyland?
    "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE

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    oops, sorry, i put this in the wrong category, does anybody know how i can put this in the Disneyland threads?
    "Walt Disney World may have more than Disneyland, but Disneyland has quality, and quality triumphs over quantity" -DL_CRAZE


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      ^ PM a mod and ask them to move it.


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