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  • Post-Celebration Visit & photos

    Hi everyone,
    Now that the Press is gone and everything is back to normal, I quickly made my way to WDW this afternoon. I had intended to visit DAK, MK, and then spend the evening at either EPCOT or MGM. However, at 6pm, the skies turned grey and rain started to come down with thunder and lighting. I decided to come home shortly before 7pm.

    Still I made into DAK briefly, and took some pictures around 'Expedition: Everest' which is looking better by the day. The construction wall is back up again now that the Press Event. Those os us little people can only see what's sticking higher than the wall, and I can tell you...I like what I see. TDS worthy theming. That is a great thing for all of us guests and fans the anticipation is building up.

    **Pin Traders: Please note the Pin Cart in front of Island Mercantile still has the "Happiest Celebration opening day pin dated May 5th. 2005" as of this afternoon 5/11/05. I know EPCOT Pin Station was out and so was DTD Pin get your limited edition pin there asap. Not too many left**

    After DAK, I went to the MK keeping my fingers crossed that the rain would stay away... even had my lucky umbrella.... (everybody sing "Fella with an Umbrella" from Easter Parade...) but my lucky umbrella was out of order today.
    Anyways... I got to stay at the Mk for about an hour. Took some photos around Main Street and the Hub. Caught the end of "Cinderellabration" and noticed the set lift piece that elevates Cindy and Charming for their big kiss finale was not operating today for some reason. I sure hope this is only for today as the lift is about the nicest thing in that entire stage. However, the pyro did go I assume winds had nothing to do with the set lift not being operational.

    I headed into Tomorrowland and noticed that "Stitch's Great Escape" was a walk on so, I stepped in. Someone had vomited in the waiting area and the CMs had covered the area with anti-vomit neutralizer powder. I did take a picture but refrained from posting it, since I am sure you didn't want to see that! Needless to say, one kid did step on it, and I had to tell him we was standing in puke. His papa was like... eeugghh!!! The Flight Attendant in me to the rescue... "do not touch your shoes at all with bare hands"!! Then Papa finally reacted. "oh yeah! good point. Don't touch your shoes!!"

    *me rolling eyes*

    Anyways...we entered the Stitch preshow. Nothingh new here... then we moved on to the main show and went into the stage on the right hand side of the hallway.

    Spoilers ahead!!!

    The main show remains pretty much the same. However, I was glad to see that every animated prop worked as it was supposed to do. For example, both robotic arms worked on cue. I also liked the newly added animated projection on the walls around the theater on the walls above the audience. It somewhat resembles spinning fans and you see the shadow of Stitch runing around them every other moment or so.. Very nicely done. The new ending with Stitch invading Cinderella's room in the castle was ok, but not really the fun finale it could have been... Cindy saying to Stitch "you are not my prince!!" is not funny enough. I would have prefered to see Cindy letting out a good... "AARRGGHH!!! *hard slap sound*" then see Stitch coming out with a nasty red sore on his face!! So the show still needs a bit more work. ...and for the love of God.. CUT OUT the chili dog scene and scent!! Grosss!!!

    Once I came out of "Stitch's Great Escape" the rain was already coming down... I waited for several moments but no break in the clouds. I decided to leave the MK and come home. It is still raining out there as I type this. So that was a good call.

    Here are the few pics I took from my short walk around DAK and MK this afternoon. Enjoy.

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    The next time you're over at AK, in the parking lot, could you get a snap of this "bare" wall the people are talking about? The backside of Everest that is not themed and makes it not a 360 degree mountain? I want to see how bad it looks.

    Edit: Oh wait, nevermind, I found it. Thanks!


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      What? Are you kidding? They are only doing half of it, or is that just the way it is now?


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        Originally posted by SpeMarX
        What? Are you kidding? They are only doing half of it, or is that just the way it is now?
        No I was not kidding. The photo in the pictorial says it all. We are getting a "movie set" as they are building what the eye needs to see from inside the park; and mind you.. while in the parking lot, the farther from Everest you get, the worst it looks since the trees block less of it.


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          Well that's just uncool.


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