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    Hello To Everybody That Loves Walt Disney and it's Products.

    I have been an avid Disneyite since the late 1960s when our family visited DisneyLand and I feel in love with the place.

    Eisner and Eiger have done enough damage to our Disney. When Mike first came on board, the first 8 years were good. Then things started to change. He found out about stock options and the board really through millions of those options his way.

    The board has failed as an entity to colletively say NO. Iger got a $6 million bonus for helping with a 40% increase in stock price year over year. Unfortunately, the board in place doesn't realize that many shareholders are long term players that invest perhaps in 1992 when the stock was $50.00 per share. The stock is at what $25.00. Thanks for that 40% increase Bob.

    Enough is enough. Let's start a letter writing campaign never before ever seen in United States Postal Service History. Write to Each Board Member. Write to Each Officer of DISNEY. Let them know that the fight to return Disney to its' glory days is not to far behind. And a new election ill take place for the board. After such time, a new search for CEO will need to be made.

    Sorry, Eiger, our company is too important to us to allow a second rate guy to run the Number One Entertainment Company in the World.



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    You should check out and

    Both really good sites for Disney Activism.

    That is ... if you haven't already.



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      thanks Gostone...

      Hi Gostone:

      You are right. Both sites are good. Roy has done his best in creating a site I look at daily. It has so many good stories and areas of waste that our board and officers continue to spend feverishly at out expense.

      Today, I was reading about the 1000 DISNEY IT personnel that are being turned over to another company and off "our books" to look good when results come in.

      With The Incredibles DVD selling out so good, we won't be able to keep that volumn going into the next quarter. What should we do? Work it out with Mike EIsner that he furlows his $18 million dollar three year expense package by accepting $1.00. That's $17,999,999.00 that immediately is recorded as a profit--kinda like ENRON acoounting standards.

      Let's start doing this to the corporate officers. Let's call a meeting as shareholders, gather them all together, and let them know that they are now employees of MANPOWER INC. No longer will they receive health, vision, or options from DISNEY. As soon as we no longer need them, we than just let MANPOWER know that the Board has decided to let Mike go, than Bob Eiger, then Bravermann, and on and on.

      I hope that more folks will visit this thread and post this topic. Since it hasn't been seen other than by yourself, I am thinking that people believe the corporate elite are working wonders for us day and night.

      I anticipate PIXAR will be joining forces with SONY soon. DreamWorks will eventually become a player to take PIXAR private. AND then we, as DISNEY shareholders, will start to receive such great never before heard of sequels like:
      Brother Bear 2, Borther Bear 2a Other Side of the Mountain
      Mulan 2.25 Leslie Nielsen comes to Visit
      Mulan 3, Father of the Pride Visits from Dreamworks,
      Toy Story's Greatest Bloopers
      Toy Story Meets COPS like you never expected
      Toy Story Stinky Pete become's National Spokesperson for Gillete Deordorant
      Toy Story Jessie and The Gang
      Finding Nemo Finds Toy Story Never Before Seen Cuts

      and the best thing I have seen lately from Disney, are all these direct to video releases without the oringinal talent. Can you think of what a TOY STORY will be without Hanks and Allen and The Rest of The Gang.

      As you are well aware, there are many more enlightened people out there in the world that know DISNEY forward and backward. I hope that they will all join forces with the people to make our company truly "OUR COMPANY" once again. I never wored for DIsney, but have had a love affair with it ever since my boyhood visit to Disney Land almost 35 years ago.

      The older group of Disney folks are at the point that their company needs to be sheppered by those that can follow through on the principle of "WHAT WOULD WALT WANT?" I for one would like to see those moving stages return, the junky trailer beds in WDW Tomorrowland removed, the Submarine Voyage ride return to its entirety, lessened some of the shops throughout the park and offer our guests more interesting stories and such about that part of the parks.

      Our company cannot afford to keep all of the heavy weight overpriced execs on our books. I hope that the Court and the SEC takes the concerns of Roy and Stan to the point that the elections are reversed and DISNEY is required to hold an entirely new special meeting of shareholders in Minnesota AGAIN. This time it will be much warmer, nicer, and most of all--more turn out would be expected. nd that DISNEY would then be required to bring forth all contestants for CEO that we than could turn into a live DISNEY CHANNEL reality based tv show. Letting the viewers decide who becomes CEO. And where is weird AL when we NEED him the most to create a Battle Cry for The Cause.

      THanks again. Bob


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        An employee transition...

        I like it how HR folks keep coming up with new titles to describe the fact that you just got terminated from DISNEY, but now you are assigned to an entirely different company. You've got wonderfully new titles, lesser pay and benefits, and probably forget about anymore good deals on tickets for yourself or the family.

        Heck, I think we should just turn all our employees over to MANPOWER and then let them manage the health benefits and such of our employees.Could you imagine a Human Resources Department of 20 that are to service the sole needs of the 10 corporate officers of Disney that are actually the only remaining employees of DISNEY.

        Just think of all the benefit packages that would be gone. Sine we would have fewer than 50 people, less government accounting.

        Then let us set up an account for DISNEY at only one brokerage firm. All DIsney shareholders would then be required to go through that sole broker. Taking this step would allow our company to meet the needs of that new SEC rule that allows companies with fewer than 300 shareholders" to discontinue financial reporting and printing of financial data to the public. Just think of all of the paper, printing, and postage services we just saved every year.

        With that sole broker account, we could lobby and ultimately pass a company proposed request to eliminate the annual dividend. The savings from the dividend could greatly benefit those ten to 15 remaining executives who have sacrified alot for the few of us.

        Fancy accounting methods. It worked at Enron for many years. No reason it can't work at Disney. Ken Lay, Bernie, where are all of you when we need you the most.


        Bob :monkey: :bow:


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            I wouldn't be so quick to judge Iger and lump him in with Eisner. From the accounts I read he was well regarded at ABC and rose pretty quickly through their ranks (when they were a stronger network). Once he's out from under Eisner's shadow, he may do good things. Give him a chance. There is no question the Board is to blame for a lot of this by being ruled by Eisner and Sid Bass, the compensation has been ridiculous. However, if I remember correctly Eisner started earning stock options from the beginning of his contract. The worst part of it is that his vision switched from creativity to short-term profit.

            The company needs creative people and hopefully Iger will lure some of those people back. But they cannot grow based on the What Would Walt Do? principle. Because Walt died the year before I was born and no matter how much I have read about him and think I know him, I don't know him. So I don't know what Walt would have done, so there's no point in playing that game because that is what caused stagnation in the '70s and led to great entertainment like "Condorman". Obviously Iger has to keep Disney's brand and image in mind in their new ventures, but he needs to bring back the creativity that's been missing. But I'm willing to give the guy a chance. He's better than Steve Jobs.


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