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Post Celebration visit to MGM.


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  • Post Celebration visit to MGM.

    It was a lovely day yesterday and I left for the SuperTarget on US192. After shopping, and being just minutes away from WDW, I decided to take a quick visit to MGM in hopes to catch the Motors, Action! show now that it's officially opened.

    I got there at 4:30pm and had to park all the way in the back (two rows short of the Carribean Beach Resort), while there were many open spaces by the front of the lot closer to the entrance!!! AARRGGHH!!! I hate this parking lot so much!! Very poorly designed and operated.

    Anyways... I get into the park, and found out the next "motors" show was at 6:40pm! Good deal! In the meantime, I went window shopping, and noticed the Animation Building gift shop got a make over. Saw an item I liked, but priced at $900++ can't affort it right about now... Then noticed the 5pm performance of "Playhouse Disney" was a walk one... Since I have never seen this show... I put myself at the merci of the pre-kinder brats and went in. Noticed a group of birds furiously eating some spilled popcorn on the floor next to the entrance. So nice to see the WDW custodials at work here!!

    About "PlayHouse Disney"... I was immediately put off by the lack of seats or benches. Everyone had to take to the floor for this one. Since the show does engage the little brats into doing things like dancing, hopping, conga line and such, I guess that would explain why there are not seats. But when you have bad circulation in your legs, like I do, this is quite a chore.

    Anyways..the show is cute. While I was expecting more than a muppet style marionette show..I though big Bear was great and quite articulate and I loved the Gorilla :monkey: in one of the show's scenes. I also did like the lion on Yoyo's circus... very cute. Hoping Tigger was fun and Eeyore reminded me of my G-Fan, same sad puppy eyes . The production was ok... strobe lights around and above the stage, bubbles coming down for the big finale...etc etc etc. Definitely more than what I expected from a toddler-minded show. The girl who did the show with the characters did her best to prevent the adults from loosing interest, and she reminded me of DeeDee Magno (ex Mouseketeer...the one with more talent that Britney, but not quite as good as Christina, and still more femenine than Justin... you remember her) Anyways... at 20 mins long, this show was about 15 mins too long for me, but at least now I can say "I have seen all attractions at MGM".

    Came out of Playhouse and with time to go, went over to R&RC and stood in the standby line about 15 mins. Rode the coaster which is always fun . Then headed over to the "Lights, Motors, Action!" extreme stunt show. Word of caution... the first people to enter the venue gets seated to the far left of the stage. If you want a better seat in the middle or the lower areas (since the view from the upper areas are blocked by the beams supporting the roof over the audience) arrive a bit later after most FP guests are in. This is yet another show I would pull the FP service off. It's simply not needed here. With three shows a day and with such huge theater, I feel FP is not needed here.

    The show went on and has not changed much since I saw it few weeks ago during the preview periods. However, this was the first time I saw the entire show as originally created.

    ***SPOILERS AHEAD*** :devil:

    I was there to check out the jetski scene which I had not seen before. The stunt person jumps on the jetski, and water cannons blast water towards the audience. BEWARE! Those of you seating in the first few rows will get wet! The scene was short but really fun to watch and am glad it's now being performed. I wonder if Paris will ever incorporate this scene in their show as was supposed to be :confused:
    Also...the Herbie moment... During the previews, we were shown clips from Herbie's illustrious career. Not anymore. This time around, we got a Herbie Fully Loaded preview clip, and I have to say...I loved it. Some big names in that movie for what I could see.., and I am not talking Ms. Lohan.
    As for the rest of the show..the stunts were performed flawlessly. Seems like the cast's timing is greatly improved. Still the much needed blah blah blah :botox: portions in between the stunts do slow the show's pace conciderably, but I can see they are needed for setting up and safety reasons. All in all, it was a great performance.

    End of spoilers...

    Anyways...I left the show and proceeded to the exit, noticing the "STAR WARS Weekends" billboard out by Star Tours. I have to say...I love the Darth Mickey logo on it... Darth Vader's mask with Mickey Ears... CUTE! So I guess Mickey is joining the Dark Side for this year's festivities. :devil:
    I also had the misfortune of witnessing a kid puke all over his dad's shirt and on the floor in the vecinity of the Star Tours exit. I think the poor kid could not handled the ride's jerky motion. Puke must be a theme at WDW lately since I saw puke in the Stitch line the other day as well.... Sorry about that. I hope I didn't gross you out too much.

    Anyways...I left MGM and came home and now I am preparing for my trip to Tokyo this weekend. With any luck, I will have some pictures and trip report next week from TDS' opening day of the "Aladdin's Whole New World" special event, this monday the 16th of may... that is... if you'd like to see that.

    Anyways, Thanks for your time reading.

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    And thanks, as always, for the update. And safe travels to Tokyo!


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      Thanks, TDLfan!

      "Doomo Arigatoo" for the report and hope that you have a great time in TDR!
      (Hope that you have a good flight, too!)


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        I *always* have a great time at TDR, and now that I am back home in Orlando, I have posted a trip report from TDS...(navigate to those pages now!). Also looking foward to the MiceChat Meet on May 23rd at WDW!!!


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