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Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!


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  • Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

    The Pixie Family’s Trip Report

    I’m always late, so as not to disappoint, here’s my trip report only 2 &#189; weeks after we got back! LOL! Mr. Pixie Chick, Pixie Kid, Pixie Mama & I had such a great time and I’d love to share some of the highlights with you! I’ve only been at the Magic Kingdom once, so this was my first immersive vacation to WDW. This is also like a journal for me to remember the trip by, so don’t feel obligated to read all the commentary!

    Monday, 10-23-06: Traveling and then MNSSHP at MK
    We said goodbye to our fellow MC travelers as they took off for the Caribbean Beach. We waited for another 30 minutes for our Magical Express bus. We arrived at Saratoga Springs at 4:15 and checked in.

    Magical Express:

    Saratoga Springs:

    As we got ready to head over to the Magic Kingdom for the Halloween Party, our luggage still hadn’t arrived at our hotel. Luckily I had packed Pixie Kid’s costume in my carry-on. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my cell phone charger and my phone had died. L I had no way to get in touch with the rest of the group, so we just had to hope that we would run into them. We ended up seeing everyone on our way out, but at least we got to witness the phenomenon also known as Lindsaybog!!

    We purchased the Disney Dining Plan through DVC and our first opportunity to test it out was at dinner at Tony’s on Main St. Our server, Christine, was first-rate. She patiently explained how the plan worked and made suggestions to get the most value from it. The food was great and was one of the best all-around experiences of the trip!

    Tony’s Town Square:

    With seconds to spare, I remembered the Headless Horseman would be riding through Main St. I had kept it as a secret & I took PK out on the patio to see. His jaw dropped! I don’t think I’ve ever seen him so surprised!

    We really enjoyed the Boo to You Parade. I wish DCA would add one for Mickey’s Halloween Treat. Hallowishes was nice, but we didn’t have time to get over to a decent spot to view them. We got caught in the fallout…not good! The Villains Mix and Mingle show was a little strange. It seemed like Disney trying a little too hard to be hip. But hey, at least they have a show!

    Our Red Ninja at MNSSHP:

    Tuesday, 10-24-06: MagicKingdom

    MNSSHP was not the best way to be reintroduced to the Magic Kingdom. Due to the lighting changes for the event, it looked dreary, sad & cheap. I was happy to see it in the daylight and within seconds my fear of remaining disappointed had vanished.

    We made it!!

    We took the Railroad around to Mickey’s Toontown Fair. After getting talked into it, PK LOVED Goofy’s Barnstormer!

    We hit Tomorrowland & did as much as possible. Stitch was awful. :thumbdown: TTA was great! DL’s Buzz is way better, but I loved spinning through the “speed tunnel”!! Indy Speedway is basically Autopia with a face-lift.

    Not a favorite of mine, but PK liked it, of course!:

    We ate lunch at Cosmic Ray’s. It was a nice little Quick Service place that offered lots of different choices for the group.

    We ended our day in Adventureland. I know everyone says not to throw away 20 minutes of your life to suffer through Tiki Room Under New Management, but we just wouldn’t listen. I had to see it for myself. Oh, how I regretted that decision.

    We ate at The Plaza Restaurant. I think our experience was hampered by the fact that we had one of the last ressies of the night. The service was slow and unenthusiastic to put it kindly. The food was nothing to write home about either.

    We were treated to a lovely sky at the end of the day:

    To be continued...
    Last edited by pixie chick; 11-15-2006, 04:53 PM.

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    Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

    Wednesday, 10-25-06: Animal Kingdom & Dinner at O’hanas

    This is the park PK was waiting for for months!! He couldn’t wait for Animal Kingdom!

    We ran into WDW’s version of PUSH…the talking palm tree. I found the guy operating it very quickly, but PK has no idea that it’s operated by someone, so I won’t post the pic of the control guy here.

    Talking palm tree:

    We did everything except Camp Minnie-Mickey. PK wanted to go on every trail and see every exhibit so we did our best to do just that!

    Our soon-to-be 6 year old male visiting the gorillas:

    Kilamanjaro Safari was nice, but I didn’t think it needed the whole poacher storyline. PK was really affected by the broken bridge part and proceeded to tell every CM that would listen that they really need to fix that bridge!! :lmao:

    On safari:

    Expedition Everest was just awesome!! The first ride was unbelievable! Even though I had seen a behind the scenes show, I was still stunned by the effects! 2 enthusiastic thumbs up!! :thumbup:

    PK loved the KidStops! This one showed kids how to track an animal.

    This is when they showed the fake poo as the 2nd clue to figuring out the animal:

    Fans of Fury!! :lol: :

    The most important part of the entire trip for PK was to see the dino bones!

    I was really looking forward to Primeval Whirl. Whoa, was I sorely disappointed…and I mean sore. They need to station a chiropractor at the end of that ride! They also have the world’s most unnecessary, yet hilarious, safety spiel at the end, “Please stand up before exiting.” DUH!!

    This attraction is painful...literally:

    Lots of animals at Rafiki’s Conservation Station:

    At the little petting zoo PK found this Hidden Mickey:

    The end of Day 3!

    For dinner that evening, we met up to celebrate Chernabog's birthday at O'hana's. After a much longer than expected commute over to the Polynesian, we arrived after the group had already been seated. The service wasn't at it's Disney best and it began with the hosts seeming to be in a minor panic about what to do with us. I was ready to just leave. They finally figured things out & we squeezed in at a table.

    As has been described in other reports, our service all around left much to be desired. I had to get up and find a couple of CM's just to get plates and silverware for our family. We saw our waitress once for drinks and then not again until the bill came. It was a good thing the entertainer worked double-time to keep our minds off the poor service!

    The Clinks Kids & Pixie Kid watching the fireworks:

    The honeymooning MiceChatters, FrodoPotter & Disneyphile:

    Everybody limbo!! Our hardworking entertainer keeps the Lil MCers happy.:
    Last edited by pixie chick; 11-15-2006, 05:10 PM.


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      Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

      wow looks like you had a gret time.. I love that hidden mickey

      Friends for life


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        Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

        PK is just the cutest kid I swear!! S is looking at the pictures with me and he got all excited! Great TR and thanks for sharing the pictures

        Delta Mu Chi Alpha ΔΜΧΑ


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          Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

          We hit Tomorrowland & did as much as possible. Stitch was awful. :thumbdown:

          I have not see it, Last time I was at WDW was two year and it was not open.

          Great report.
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            Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

            I never get tired of seeing people enjoying Disney, keep them coming!


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              Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

              WDW not only has the AK palm tree but also MK's own Push, he usually hangs out either in front of Stitch/ol' timekeeper building or up by Mickey's Star Traders/Path to Fantasyland.
              - Horizonsfan


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                Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                Thursday, 10-26-06: Blizzard Beach & MGM
                Blizzard Beach was fun, but suffered from the same problem that every other water park I’ve been to has: there were not enough chairs for all the guests. I would hate to see it in the summer!! I know space is at a premium in California, but WDW seems to have enough to spare. Finding a spot to sit is an anxiety causing part of any trip to a water park for me. I thought Disney would have gotten it right, but alas, we were searching for a spot to sit for quite some time.

                On the bright side, this ended up being PK’s favorite park of the trip! He really loved it! There were enough slides for everyone to go on together during our visit and we all ended up having a good time.

                A snowfamily greeted us on the way in:

                We went to MGM in the evening and had dinner at The Brown Derby. Mr. PXC & I hopped over to The (Not-so) Great Movie Ride. Unfortunately this ride really depends on the acting abilities of the CM’s you get and if they aren’t talented (which was our case) it’s pretty painful to watch.

                Our dinner at The Brown Derby was fantastic. Our server, Gany, was professional, warm and accommodating. We really enjoyed our dinner here! I will definitely make a return trip to this restaurant.

                Our appetizers…Crab Cake, Salad, Scallop:

                The entrees were so fabulous I forgot to take photos! Here are the desserts, though:

                Next we were off to watch WDW’s version of Fantasmic! The only plus for this show was the amphitheatre seating. If I had never seen DL’s version, I’m sure I would think WDW’s F! was great. However, I have seen DL’s version & it blows WDW’s out of the water. I’m really glad I didn’t spring for a Fantasmic! Dinner Package.

                Not exactly the Mark Twain:

                More to come later...


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                  Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                  Great trip report PC!! And who cares if it's late. It just helps keep the vacation going!! Reliving ir good.
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                    Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                    They need to fix that bridge! :lol:
                    Great report so far!!
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                      Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                      Woohoo, I get to re-live our trip again...great pictures PXC! I love the one of you guys at the conservation station ) .


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                        Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                        Friday, 10-27-06: Epcot

                        After taking the obligatory photos with Spaceship Earth in the background, we started our day by grabbing fastpasses for Test Track and were awarded with Surprise Fastpasses for Mission Space! Very cool!

                        We then headed over to World Showcase to take our tour around the world. PK loved the KidCot Fun Stops and we also got the Passport to take around with him.

                        AAAAAHHHH!! Freaky mask!!:

                        KidCot Fun Stop sponsored by Sharpie. Too bad all the markers were generic and dried out. L

                        Hats around the world:

                        Marble painting in Turkey:

                        In Morocco:

                        You should have seen PK getting down to the Moroccan music!! It was a crack-up!! :lmao:

                        My anime-loving, nerdy boys loved Japan! Naruto...:


                        We then hustled over to Coral Reef for our dinner reservations. Even with PS ressies, parties were waiting 20-30 minutes for a table. The place was a MADHOUSE!! I was assuming it would be a very quiet, and relaxing restaurant. Unfortunately it ended up being the loudest and craziest restaurant we went to during the trip. People were speaking at the top of their lungs and kids were running around & standing on chairs to see the fish.

                        The view from our table:

                        We loved Nemo!!

                        Maybe it had to do with the company! J

                        PK loved Figment and got chosen for the Kodak demo/show after.

                        Our last full day at WDW coming soon...


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                          Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                          Awww.. what kid doesn't love Figment, I mean really!

                          Great pictures and commentary Pixie chick. I can't wait to see more.


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                            Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                            pixie chick, you've got a great looking family (yourself too, if I may say so!). Thanks for the photo journal - keep it coming!


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                              Re: Better late than never...PXC's Trip Report!

                              Saturday, 10-28-06: MGM & MagicKingdom

                              Disney-MGM Studios:

                              Our last full day of vacation. L

                              We only spent a couple hours at MGM on Thursday evening to have dinner & watch Fantasmic!, so we wanted to experience the attractions on Saturday. I walked around Hollywood Blvd. with PK while Mr. PXC & Pixie Mama went for Rock N Roller Coaster FastPasses and then went over to ToT.

                              Dream Lanyards:

                              While my mom & I went over to Star Tours, the boys went over to the Honey I Shrunk the Kids Play Area. PK loves play areas & as a parent I appreciate the area to let the kids get some energy out.

                              Uh-oh! I got in Imperial trouble!!

                              After our Imperial encounter, we left the Studios. We traveled to the TTC to take the ferry over to the Magic Kingdom.

                              Back at the MagicKingdom:

                              And, the teacups actually spin!! Imagine that!! :yea:

                              After Fantasyland, we went over to Frontierland. Pirates of the Caribbean had a wonderful queue, but the ride itself was lacking, especially the end. Next, we did The Country Bears Jamboree. It used to be one of my favorites as a kid. I was disappointed that there were some audio and lighting problems. The narrator bear was barely audible, Big Al was WAY too loud & there was no spotlight on the baby bear. Just a few problems can really make a major negative impact.


                              We ate dinner at Liberty Tree Tavern. We enjoyed it a lot and we saw each of the characters at least once.

                              The Pixie Family from the GreatTerritory of California!!

                              After some last minute shopping on Main Street, it was time to say good-bye to the Magic Kingdom.


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