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The E-Ticket Olympics: The Magic Kingdom


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  • The E-Ticket Olympics: The Magic Kingdom

    If this is successful, I will do the same with the other parks at WDW, and maybe other resorts.

    When was the last time the Magic Kingdom recieved an E-ticket? Apologies if I am incorrect, I am not an expert on MK attraction history, but it must be at least ten years. No, PhilharMagic is NOT an E-ticket (it is rather splendid though).

    So. The many realms of the Magic Kingdom are competing for the attention of the International Imagineering Committee, in the hope that they may recieve the next E-ticket to grace the second Happiest Place on Earth.

    Meet your contenders.

    Cinderella is the mayoress of Fantasyland. You know, she lives in the big building guarding the place? It is quite hard to miss, you have to search hard. Now Cindy wants this E-ticket quite a bit. Her land is full of 3-minute dark rides and protein spills thanks to her rather young population. What would be the perfect ride to display the talents and heritage of Fantasyland yet be breathtaking for adults and their offspring alike?

    Jack Sparrow lords over Adventureland. Quite the adventurer himself, he oversaw the terrible change of management over at the Tiki Room. Now, the Jungle Cruise is good entertainment and the Pirates of the Caribbean is ok.....but its not keeping the guests. Most guests venture to Adventureland just for the Dole Whips. Mr Sparrow isn't keen on an Indiana Jones transplant from Disneyland/Disneyland Paris - across the fields of WDW an Indiana Jones stunt show graces Disney-MGM Studios. What better than a fire-breathing rollicking rollercoaster? Better ideas anyone? Mr Sparrow would love to hear them.

    Mister Tom Sawyer oversees Frontierland, and the greedy lot already have two E-tickets - two of the three Magic Kingdom Mountains. Now Sawyer isn't really as eager as his fellow competitors for an E-ticket, as he is pretty content with the amount of guests who vist his wild west land. But, every little helps! He is really racking his brains for a mind-blowing attraction that will stay in the minds of Frontierland patrons for years. Any thoughts?

    Tom Morrow is the mayor of that silver and orange beacon on the right of the Hub. Having recieved the odd D-ticket every few years, many see Tomorrowland as quite lucky. But their star Space Mountain is getting quite old, in fact it is the oldest of the Space Mountain Sisters. It simply isn't astounding the guests anymore. Doomed to fade into animosity, it hasn't helped that it's closest sibling on the West Coast has just recieved a three-year refurb. Now what does Tom Morrow do? Follow in the footsteps of his Disneyland counterpart and simply get a new Space Mountain, or get a brand new E-ticket? You decide.

    State your land, E-ticket, and reason. How will it affect the rest of that land? You decide.
    Fantasyland and Cinderella
    Adventureland and Jack Sparrow
    Frontierland and Tom Sawyer
    Tomorrowland and Tom Morrow

    October 2000 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2001 - Walt Disney World Resort
    April 2002 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    October 2003 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2004 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2005 - Walt Disney World Resort
    October 2007 - Walt Disney World Resort
    December 2008 - Walt Disney World Resort
    July 2009 - Disneyland Resort Paris
    July 2011 - Disneyland Resort California
    July 2012-13 - UK Cultural Representative Cast Member at Epcot
    February 2013 - Disneyland Resort California
    February 2013 -Tokyo Disney Resort

    (VERY OLD!)

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    You have to go with Frontierland. It has both splash and Big thunder.
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