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Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update


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  • Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

    Here's the update on the Spectacle of Dancing Lights...

    The glasses unfortunately will not be present this year. It has nothing to do with a budget cut of any sort, it's actually the fact that the lights are too close together. The glasses create the image of two angels from each point of light. When there are too many lights together, it just makes everything blurry. So that is why the glasses are not coming back this year. A new type was tested from the company that makes the glasses during the Cast Preview, but unfortunately they didn't work as well as had hoped. Maybe next year.

    The songs that the lights dance to are as follows:
    • A Mad Russian's Christmas by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    • Christmas Eve/Sarajevo 12/24 by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra
    • Feliz Navidad - Original Version (coming Early December)
    It does snow and the lights are being shown nightly.

    That's all for now! Merry Christmas!

    As I mentioned earlier, Wizards in Winter by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra was the song that inspired the lights to dance, but contrary to what Kevin Yee reported, it is not planned to be a song for the lights this year.

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    Re: Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

    Thanks for the update, Bunsen.

    Look forward to checking those lights out next month for the first time in years!


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      Re: Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

      wish I was there to see it =o(


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        Re: Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

        I went to see the Lights with G-Fan Friday evening... It was HORRENDOUS!!

        While the light show has always been pretty, and huge.. Huge to the point of almost pushing the envelope of becoming cheesy and tacky, the dancing aspect of the lights this year is nicely done, even if the music they play is way too loud for what it is: a light show. Yet, my complaint stems from the horrible lack of crowd control and traffic planning. Add to that the HUGE size of strollers, electric carts and similar Teamsters-approved vehicles being utilized by guests in the park. LA traffic at rush hour is a cakewalk compared to this mess! Can you spell Gridlock?

        There were so many people standing in one place, it was virtual gridlock. If you had to leave in an emergency from that area, may as well confess your sins and die, because you won't be moving anywhere. This gets especially trying when the light dance begins. 99.6% of the guests in the area come to a stand still and you simply can't move. I also witnessed several guests covering their ears since the music was blasting so loud from the speakers.

        I will give the show a B- overall, but the cast gets a big fat F for lack of trying to make it more enjoyable and less trying to enjoy the entire NYC area. I don't plan to return to MGM for this display again this year.


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          Re: Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

          Although the Osborne Lights are on from 6pm until 9pm, it seems that everyone has to be there at 6pm creating the gridlock that TDL Fan spoke of. Tonight the crowd waiting to get in to see the lights filled up half, yes half of Commissary Lane. The Streets of America were already packed to the gills. By 7 or 7:30 the place was fairly well cleared up, but still a decent crowd, and then by 8:30 it was a ghost town.

          I totally agree that the strollers and vehicular traffic is way out of control. It's a problem at all the Diney theme parks. Not so much at Universal's parks. I'm sorry but your 8 and 9 year olds are big enough to be walking and without the need of strollers. The oldest a child should be for a stroller is 4 or 5, any child older than that is big enough to walk around a theme park for a day.

          And for you adults, well maybe if you walked once inawhile you wouldn't be quite so obese. Of all the people I see in these things roughly 80 to 85% are people that are just so obese. The remaining 15-20% are people that truley need them.

          And if you are driving one of those ECV's, please remember that pedestrians have the right away. You can't go barelling through a crowd and expect everyone to get out of your way just because you are driving one.


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            Re: Osborne Spectacle of Dancing Lights Update

            It is sad when people abuse the suv's and wheelchairs I agree =o( when I was on shuttles on the BLT there was once I remember there was a lady on a Disney ECV who as soon as she came through the prop warehouse she was saying she wasn't going to leave her ecv..being kinda mean about it for no apparent reason...she had her kid in her lap and I would have put money on the fact she could have transferred (esp since it was a DISNEY ecv so she had to get in the park somehow..odds are fairly well she is at least somewhat mobile) ..anyways no biggie so she takes a long time driving up the ramp and and turning forward on the shuttle the meantime I help a lady that is in a regular wheelchair and only has one leg...on the other leg she has a hight heel..well bless her heart she doesn't wait for me to ask her about transferring she just hops out of her chair up and up the 3 steps to the regular seat w/ the rest of her party w/ out so much as a peep ..pleasant as can be....just kinda made me put a perspective on things...


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