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Best rides at WDW


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  • Best rides at WDW

    hey i was wondering what your ppls fav rides are at WDW, they can be at any park. I love Buzz even if it is a kids ride but my all time favorite is all the mountains (matterhorn, space, big thunder) Plz just tell me your favs!!

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    Re: Best rides at WDW

    There are sooo many great rides there. My faves, in order, are:
    1. Mission: Space
    2. Soarin' (a very, very close second to M:S)
    3. Expedition: Everest
    4. Space Mountain
    5. Big Thunder Mountain
    6. Pirates
    7. Haunted Mansion
    8. Buzz
    9. Rock N' Roller Coaster


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      Re: Best rides at WDW

      Hmmm..this is a good one, let me think......they would have to be in this order:
      1. Expedition Everest :bow:
      2. Splash Mountain :thumbup:
      3. TOT ( much better than DCA):yea:
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        Re: Best rides at WDW

        1. Mission:Space
        2: Soarin'
        3: Expedition Everest
        4: Tower of Terror
        5: Big Thunder Mountain (especially at night)
        6: Space Mountain
        7: Splash Mountain
        8: Mickey's Philharmagic
        9: it's a small world
        10: The Haunted Mansion
        11: Pirates of the Caribbean
        12: Carousel of Progress
        13: Rock n Roller Coaster
        14: Tomorrowland Transit Authority
        15: Star Tours


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          Re: Best rides at WDW

          1. Mickey's Philharmagic - There's nothing else like this one!
          2. Rock N Roller Coaster - Love the Studio Theme
          3. Carousel of Progress - Can't beat a Walt Original
          4. Tower of Terror - I really wish DCA has the elements this one has.


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            Re: Best rides at WDW

            Originally posted by Mom2dzneboys View Post
            Hmmm..this is a good one, let me think......they would have to be in this order:
            1. Expedition Everest :bow:
            2. Splash Mountain :thumbup:
            3. TOT ( much better than DCA):yea:
            i was just about to type the same exact thing... ha ha... good taste in rides

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              Re: Best rides at WDW

              1) Test Track
              2) Kilamenjaro Safari
              3) Splash Mountain
              5) Mission: Space
              6) Expedition Ecerest
              7) Rock N Rollercoaster
              8) Mickey's Philharmagic
              9) Ellen's Energy Adventure
              10) Any ride that one might have the rare opportunity of having a Disney Princess accompany them on.
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                Re: Best rides at WDW

                1: Jungle Cruise
                2: Soarin'
                3: Tower of Terror
                4: Test Track (when it's working)
                5: Splash Mountain
                6: Rock n' Rollercoaster
                7: Caroussel of Progress
                8: Mission: Space
                9: Pirates of the Caribbean (pre '92 refurb)
                10: Expedition everest


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                  Re: Best rides at WDW

                  You know, I'm going to have to add Kilimanjaro Safari and ToT to my list as well.

                  Revised List
                  1. Mission: Space
                  2. Soarin' (a very, very close second to M:S)
                  3. Expedition: Everest
                  4. Space Mountain
                  5. Big Thunder Mountain
                  6. Kilimanjaro Safari
                  7. Pirates
                  8. Haunted Mansion
                  9. Buzz
                  10. Rock N' Roller Coaster
                  11. ToT
                  ToT would have scored higher except I found the ride part of it to be rather boring. Loved the theming, atmosphere and pre-show. Just found the ride underwhelming despite all the wonderful technology behind it.
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                    Re: Best rides at WDW

                    As you might guess from my list, I am not much of a thrill ride person.

                    1. Haunted Mansion
                    2. It's a Small World
                    3. Buzz Light Year Astro Blasters
                    4. Peter Pan
                    5. Snow White's Scary Adventure
                    6. Jungle Cruise


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                      Re: Best rides at WDW

                      It is tough because it varies with my mood. But in no particular order.

                      Expedition: Everest
                      Splash Mountain
                      Jungle Cruse (if its a good captain)
                      CoP (i just like it)
                      TTA / PM (again, I just like it)
                      Test Track
                      Rock N' Roller Coaster

                      You will notice Mission: Space is not on the list. I really thought it was cool at first. Either they are lying to me and it HAS been turned down a notch, or my thrill-o-meter has been recalibrated, because I swear i could take a nap on that thing now. (and yes, on the orange side)

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                        Re: Best rides at WDW

                        In no particular order:

                        PeopleMover (I refuse to call it TTA)
                        Space Mountain
                        Haunted Mansion
                        Tower of Terror
                        Star Tours (even though it's dated/cheesy it's still fun for a Star Wars dork like me)
                        Rock & Rollercoaster
                        Big Thunder Mountain
                        Country Bear Jamboree (not a ride but I love this show)
                        Splash Mountain (though I hate getting wet)
                        Mission: Space
                        Test Track
                        Teacups (especially at least 3 times in a row... wheeeeee!!!)


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                          Re: Best rides at WDW

                          Expedition Everest
                          Test Track
                          DLR Pirates
                          DLR Mansion
                          DCA California Screamin
                          DCA Soarin'


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                            Re: Best rides at WDW

                            Top 10:

                            1) Tower of Terror (Disney MGM)
                            2) Test Track (Epcot)
                            3) Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)
                            4) Mission:Space (Epcot)
                            5) Mickey's Philharmagic (Magic Kingdom) okay, not 'technically' a ride, but it ROCKS
                            6) Splash Mountain (Magic Kingdom)
                            7) Journey into Imagination with Figment (Epcot)
                            8) Kiliminjaro Safari's (Animal Kingdom)
                            9) Rock N' Roller Coaster (Disney MGM)
                            10) Big Thunder Mtn Railroad (Magic Kingdom)

                            Of course, if you are including Universal, Spiderman would be a 'very' close #2 behind Tower.


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                              Re: Best rides at WDW

                              thanx guys now i know exactly what to ride. i havent been to WDW in like four years so i am definately going to have to try Mickey's philarmagic and mission space because both those ranked high on your lists. i agree that the ToT in WDW is way better then DLR one. i also forgot to say that i love Jungle Cruise only when good captain because the captain makes the ride


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