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  • Buzz Lightyear Scores

    Hey all! I'm new here, but love all the topics!

    My last trip to WDW [last Sept], my 4YO and I went on Buzz a dozen times or so, and are looking forward to it again this May.

    Question do you get the high scores that I saw some getting [in some cases they were talking about them so I don't know that I believe them 100%]? My best scores were about 280,000 or so, but I saw some over 500k, and others were talking about getting over 1 million!

    There are certainly some high value targets, but where are they all located? I have found just a couple:
    -- The 'spider' hanging over the door between the 1st and 2nd rooms. [100,000?]
    -- The target underneath Zurg [100,000?]
    -- The volcano [50,000?]
    -- Zurg's 'helmet' seems to be a good one, too, but I never confirmed that I hit it.

    And can you hit the same target more than once for the same score? I think not, but those awful little lasers they give you don't give much feedback as far as aim and result.

    If anyone has done any scholary studies on this, and has a target/value list, that would be so awesome! If I was a local, I would definitely ride this non-stop with a chart and try to figure out the best things to hit. Alas, I am lucky to get there once a year.

    Thanks in advance!

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    the tunnel

    ive heard that the "hyper space tunnel" aka the orange color swirly tunnel you go throgh before the final showdown has many hard to see targets that are worth a lot


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      I will look into that on my June trip to WDW!


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        Many thanks, migitmouse!!

        I've always just kind of sat through the 'hyper-drive tunnel' because I could never find anything good to hit there. Hopefully I am going to Orlando for a conference in May, and I will have to check it out!

        After the conference, of course!

        And since I will be alone, maybe I will unleash my inner geek [okay, it's pretty much my outer geek] and take notes along the way.



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          go ahead capn
          i think i hit that target once thogh


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