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Ultimate Orlando Challenge #1 Report


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  • Ultimate Orlando Challenge #1 Report

    It was great. It was fun. You all should have come. I'm not giving out details because part of the big fun was not having any idea of what we were getting into. It was a pleasure to meet Kevin and his wife and his incredibly patient little boy. I can't imagine being so well behaved being at Disney World spending so much time just hanging around the adults when I could be off having fun. The other players were also a joy to meet and while we all wanted to win, everyone was in the mind we are gathered to have a good time in a place we all enjoy. The event ran smoothly and we will do it again every time we can. So many of us commented to each other was we felt like we were playing Amazing Race.

    Thank you Kevin!

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    That is great!!! I am so glad you guys had so much fun!! I wish I had been there but had to be in Tokyo this weekend. I sure hope there is yet another time to participate in another gathering at WDW. Hope Kevin does come up with another fun event soon.


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      Kevin's little boy is not normally so patient. It was hot, and he had plenty of time to run around at the Boneyard. Besides, it isn't like he doesn't go to WDW ALL the time!

      Anyway, I, too, had fun at the event! I think it was a great success, and I look forward to the next one, which shouldn't be too far off...


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