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travel times from WDW resorts to parks--please help!


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  • travel times from WDW resorts to parks--please help!

    Hi everyone! I am planning a trip to WDW in October And my Unofficial Guide is saying that it can take up to 45 min to get from the value resorts to the parks! Is this true? especially in the off season? Is it worth it to spend the extra money to stay in a Moderate resort? If so, how is the Port Orleans - riverside? I would appreciate any information you can give me Thank You!!!

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    I have been in October and it took me about 30 minutes, but I was not at a value resort. They might be inflating the time to give you some cushion. I know that the bus can get crowed at some times of the day. As to Port Orleans, it is a very nice resort. I love it. I find it a great value compared to the Deluxe. It has three nice themes to choose from too.


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      I would say it takes approx 30 minutes in off season. I stayed at the Port Orleans and loved it. Very niice resort, nice theme. I also stayed at Carribean Beach - which was nice, but I liked Port Orleans better
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        I agree with you all - it will take a little longer. We are DVC members and stay at Old Key West, but all the value resort busses I ever see are packed! Port Orleans is a great resort to stay at if you can swing the difference.
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          You NEVER know how long it will take when using Disney transport, especially buses.
          Sometimes you luck out and the buses always seem to be waiting for you, like magic.
          Then, there are other times when you sit at a bus stop waiting to go to [fill in the blank] and 11 busses pass you by going everywhere else before you see one for your park -- and that one is loaded with people already.

          I would always budget 70 minutes to get where you're going to be on the safe side. Most times, it will take half of that, but when it doesn't you'll be glad you did!


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            We stayed at WL and even with the boats to MK, it could *still* take 20 minutes+.

            WDW is HUGE!


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              Travel time on the bus isn't very variable. It's the waiting for the bus, or waiting for the next bus that isn't full, that can be the problem at certain times of the year.
              From All-Star Sports, it was a 20 minute ride on the bus to MK. It was an average five-minute wait at the stop at any given time. Some longer, some shorter.


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                This is why we are renting a car when we go in November. Besides the fact we won't be spending all of our time at the Resort.


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                  When I went as a cast Member we always stayed either at P.O or C.B.R both moderate resorts. Boy are we ever glad we did!! There was alwyas a huuge line for the bus ride back to the Value resorts filled with screaming kids..have fun!!
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                    Originally posted by disneydan
                    Hi everyone! I am planning a trip to WDW in October And my Unofficial Guide is saying that it can take up to 45 min to get from the value resorts to the parks! Is this true?
                    Yes, I would really suggest to plan at lease an hour (60 min) to get from point to point. You might get there faster than this, but its a safe number. I should also point out that this is from bus stop to bus stop. It does not count travel time to get inside the park.

                    For example if you want to have dinner a epcot you need to leave your park/hotel, give 60 min to travel and then another 30 min to walk to your dinner.

                    Hope that helps
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                      Well, travel times hav e been addressed already, so I'll just address the hotel bit. POR is nice (I just stayed there for the first time earlier this month), but not as nice as its sister resort, Port Orleans French Quarter. FQ is one of my two favorite WDW resorts (the other being Animal Kingdom Lodge). FQ is smaller, the rooms are nicer decor-wise IMO, and it's the first bus stop whereas there are 4 other stops once the buses hit the Riverside area.

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                        So Labuda, are you saying smaller is better? :devil:


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