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First time going


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  • First time going

    In a few days I will be leaving to go to Walt Disney World for the very first time. I'm going Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Thuesday during that time what will the wait times be like at all 4 parks? Do they have single rider for any of the rides? And what are some of the rides I should not miss?

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    Re: First time going

    Originally posted by iCoaster View Post
    And what are some of the rides I should not miss?
    If you've been to Disneyland, go ahead and ride the rides you like at Magic Kingdom just for comparison sake. From what people tell me, Philharmagic is the best 3D/4D attraction they've made so far, so there's one you shouldn't miss.

    Over at Epcot, I recommend staying for IllumiNations. If you want to go on Test Track, everyone pretty much says to "run" to the FastPass machines there first, as the line will get long. Same goes for Mission:Space and Soarin', I believe.

    The only thing worth riding in MGM is Tower of Terror in my opinion, but feel free to take in the other attractions like the Indiana Jones stunt show and Star Tours. Don't know about the car stunt show, as I'm reading mixed reviews about it all over the interweb. But you'll have to stay and watch Fantasmic!, if nothing else for comparison reason if you've seen the Disneyland version.

    Animal Kingdom, I suggest either getting a fastpass early or going on Kilimanjaro Safari as soon as the park opens to avoid long lines. Everest too, but several reviews I've read recommend you go through the Standby line at least once to appreciate the theming efforts WDI has done. The Nemo Musical looks and sounds good, so I'd make sure to see that if I were you. Countdown to Extinction/Dinosaurs is also a nice ride, mostly because it is indoors and air conditioned, but tends to be very dark and shaky.

    And that's about it coming from this guy who only goes to the resort once ever... well, it's starting to get to every 10 years now.
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      Re: First time going

      Well the parks should be more crowded than usual because Monday is Christmas... so if u get there early try to catch the parade.

      Also, definately hit up the rides that are at both parks (DL & WDW) for comparison. Philharmagic is probably the best thing in the MK right now. I absolutely loved it, and I am 32 years old. It gave me the chills.

      ToT at the DS is much better than the CA counterpart.

      For food, make sure you hit up Ohana's at the Poly resort. Some of the best food in all of WDW.

      Have fun, and take lots of pics.


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        Re: First time going

        Originally posted by Parisi View Post
        Also, definately hit up the rides that are at both parks (DL & WDW) for comparison. .
        Nooooo, if you've only got 4 days don't waste your time riding rides that you could be riding at DL (and are usually better there) like Small World or Buzz. This is seriously my regret from my last (and previously thought to be only) trip to WDW! I spent too much hanging around to ride things I'm all too familiar with and not enough time enjoying what was new or different.

        Here's the rides that are either significantly different or superior to their Disneyland counterparts:

        * Splash Mountain (superior to DL, when everything is operating normally)
        * Big Thunder (significantly different, at least IMO. The ride seems more thrilling and the bumpy ride through the flooded town is something not at DL)
        * Space Mountain (significantly different, although not necessarily for the better. Older, no music, almost yet not quite as rough as the Matterhorn.)
        * Tiki Room (significantly different, for better or, most likely, worse.)
        * Toontown Barnstormer (basically a rethemed Gadget's Go-Coaster, but much better executed and fun for those of us who enjoy the old Goofy shorts)
        * ToT (superior presentation to DCA's, random drop sequences)

        As for the rest of MK, go get your fill of extinct DL attractions like the Swiss Treehouse, Astro Orbiter on the platform, TTA/PeopleMover(!!), Country Bears, and Carousel of Progress. Go see the exclusive attractions like PhilharMagic and Stitch and the entire Liberty Square area. Maybe take in a few "favorites" like the Jungle Cruise or something just for grins and then GO. There's so much more exclusive stuff, particularly at Epcot and DAK, that riding Autopia East or something just probably won't be a good use of your time.


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          Re: First time going

          Monday is gonna be so, SO busy no matter which park you go to. Here's my list of must-do's (I've never been to DL so I can't compare):


          Tower of Terror.
          The Great Movie Ride.
          Star Tours
          One Man's Dream
          Osborne Lights
          Fantasmic (I just love this so much.)



          Animal Kingdom:

          Expedition Everest
          Camp Minnie and Mickey (if you're into characters, because their Christmas outfits are so cute).

          Magic Kingdom:

          Mickey's Philharmagic
          Splash Mountain
          Thunder Mountain
          Space Mountain
          Jungle Cruise
          Pirates of the Carribean
          and, of course, Wishes.

          Have a great trip and enjoy the Holiday Spirit! :thumbup:
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            Re: First time going

            Definately watch Illuminations:Reflections of Earth with the Holiday tag at EPCOT.

            Originally posted by Phonedave
            Well, if your parents can't teach you, maybe you can learn from a taser.


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              Re: First time going

              Don't miss the tree lighting ceremony at Epcot, saw it last night and it was FABULOUS.


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                Re: First time going

                Thanks for all the information guys! I will post a trip report next week! Have a good Christmas all!


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                  Re: First time going

                  Good luck fighting the crowds!


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